Monday, September 19, 2011


My cameras are FULL of pictures and videos right now, due mostly to school projects. Like, we're talking over 1000 images in one month. I have more than I can handle and weeding through them is not so fun.

However, it puts a smile on face to see all the hints of Jason in those pictures, whether it be sticking his hand into the shot so my camera will focus, sitting on the grass playing his guitar for a shoot, or testing out a party blower for me at the kitchen table.

I'm reminded that he stopped watching during the last four minutes of a football game to help me, that he moved paper clouds a quarter of an inch at a time for 2 hours, that he took a picture each time I said "go" as I sat underneath the camera flipping pages of a book, that he has played his guitar and skateboarded for my videos which lose some of their fun when I'm being particular (me:"can you tilt your guitar down just a little bit? there's a big glare" him:"it's shiny, there's nothing you can do about that!"), that he has bitten his tongue and let me be the art directer, but that he also has humbly submitted suggestions that have made the shots better, that he threw paint at a piece of paper with me on the morning of a day with two big tests.... I could keep going!

That boy honestly puts up with so much. I fail him as a wife the minute I stop appreciating him and all he does for me.

Thank you, dear husband of mine. You mean the world to me.

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  1. can I "like" this post? facebook and pinterest have like buttons! You guys are just the cutest little thing!! Thank you for the birthday call to Hayden today. Even though he probably won't remember it, it was special! Love you guys!