Thursday, August 25, 2011

Organizing my life

Have you heard of Wunderlist before? It's awesome. I've been back in school a week and I finally bit the bullet and started organizing my life again. I find that if I don't have a list, I don't get much done. Many times, it simply helps to spell everything out, even if I don't check my list again. Strange, I know.

My psychology teacher says that if we don't write things out, it adds extra stress because we have to keep remembering what we have to do. Similarly, he says that procrastination is counter-productive because we are not only not doing what we need to do, we are actually using energy because it's stressful to procrastinate. Two negatives in one. That's why procrastinating can be so draining.

Please note, this advice is solely for myself. Cause I really need it right about now.

Also, a few random pictures of where I will be spending a lot of time this year. I had my camera on the first day of school and my friend Marisa snapped this one while trying her out. And by her, I mean my camera. Cause she's totally a girl.

Our studio holds about 150 desks. It's about one whole half of the second floor of our building. And every single design senior shares the room with us. Yikes.

(Snapped on my phone, thus the poor quality. Don't judge, iphone users)

If there's one thing I love about our room, it's those windows. They're big and gorgeous. Pretty sure I'm going to start a garden on my desk, asap.

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  1. I'm super excited for you...that studio looks awesome to be able to work in you genius and creative mind you :) ps thanks for the tip on 'wunderlists'....i have to have a list everyday i swear lol