Friday, August 19, 2011

Intern extraordinaire

I've been meaning to share these pictures for about a month or so. Oddly enough, I don't do this until the 2nd day of school. I'm so weird. (and YES, school started. There has been some drama with room changes and what not, but I'm so very happy to be back with all my classmates. I really really really love them)

This summer I was an intern at a design firm in downtown Phoenix called eeko studio (they're redoing their website so it's very likely that link won't work).

An internship was required to graduate. And it should be! Even though I was only at eeko for 2 1/2 months, I learned a lot about the real world and also about myself as a designer. I didn't learn everything I wanted to (no press checks, no client meetings) but it was still a wonderful experience.

This is the office space, named co+hoots. There are about 12 other small business all in this office together. The building is an old grocery store and still has the vintage typography painted on the outside brick wall (and of course I forgot to take a photo of that). My favorite part of the space is that telephone booth - people can use it for phone calls.

and this is eeko's pod of desks. The desks look messy... oops. Also, yes that's a big branch stuck in the middle! My coworker brought it in and hung paper mache birds from it.

I loved the floor. So many colors in the tile. Too bad I take blurry pictures. Sidenote: I saw these shoes on sale. Text Jason, "can I pleeeease get new shoes? They're on sale!" He replies, "do you need new shoes?" I laughed at his silly boy question and bought them. Please understand this is not a recommendation on how to act in your marriage.

This is my cute co-intern Chelsea. I was so glad to have her going through the experience with me! It would have been a lot lonelier without her.

And of course, some of the things I worked on. We did a poster series in collaboration with a few other design companies. Here are 4 of the posters I made. This was probably one of the most fun projects.

Also, this is really random, but apparently Jason Mraz bought the "Don't forget to be awesome" poster. Not sure how they know this, but if it's true, you are very welcome Jason.

One of our big projects was launching a Phoenix awareness campaign, to remind people that there really is some awesome things in Phoenix if you look hard enough. We worked on a website (still not done) but here are some info graphics for the site:

eeko is responsible for all the print work for a magazine called MASK. I got to design some spreads for the magazine, and here is one I did.

One thing I learned a lot about was photoshop. My skillz weren't so great, and they still really aren't, but I still feel a lot more comfortable in the program. So here's a silly picture that goes along with that. This was for the MASK magazine. The editors wanted a very literal picture for their article about moms and what they learn when driving their kids around for various events. My boss found this picture of a woman with kids and then I photoshopped that car into it. It's a ridiculous picture because no mom would have that many children all the same age, but we made it anyway. And then the editors vetoed it. Such is life.

And finally, I can't talk about my internship without talking about...


One of the guys from the PR firm, Ross, bought this at a yard sale with plans to glue it together and hang it over his bed. He and his roommate gave up on it, so he brought it in. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit Chelsea and I stayed late on multiple occasions to work on the wolf leader, otherwise known as Merlot Von-Noblefurr. He didn't get finished until after we left, but boy did it look marvelous when it was all done.

And with that... it's back to school for me! One more year until I have to get a big girl job. One more year with my design family. One more year to learn and grown and push myself as a student. One more year and I'm finally a college graduate. Let me tell you, it's been a long time coming.


  1. You seriously, SERIOUSLY amaze me with your talents! And that is so boss that Jason Mraz bought your work. Emily my dear, you have arrived! :)

  2. Oh yeah, P.S. I loved the shoe/husband situation. I'm all too familiar with it. Haha.