Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You know you work at a design firm...

....when your going away party has beer in the conference room.

I saw this and had to laugh. While I don't enjoy beer, I really do love the relaxed atmosphere of the design world. My boss told me my dress code was "no pajamas." When we have a creative block, we work on puzzles. And NO cubicles!

And yes, this means that today is my last day. I'm sad! It's gone by so quickly and I will miss the new friends I have made.

One more thing before I go. Jason has been up to his ears in essays for med school. He's getting secondary applications now, praise God! It's a joyful thing. However, each school requires 3-5 essays and more money with the secondary application. When you apply to 15 schools, that's a LOT of essays. I've been his proofreader/editor and kind of love it. Cause I'm nerdy like that. Anywho, we were going over one of his essays that he hadn't edited much yet. The question was something about what do you believe "Life in Discovery" means. He had a paragraph that sounded very professional until this sentence:

A person discovers about themselves, about other people, and about everything in this world and even the universe.

It was one of those sentences where he was just writing out his thoughts, but it still gave us a good laugh. Maybe it's just one of those you had to be there situations? Who cares, I'm still sharing it.

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