Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We're holding hands, the disco ball is turning

I'm taking my blog where it's never been before, and regrettably, I don't think there's any turning back.

I'm going Bachelorette on everyone! Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and when she's bored at work, that means getting a little messy on the interweb. It's okay if you judge me, cause well I'm judging myself right now. But I just can't help it; the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is my guilty pleasure. I very well may have already confessed that on my blog before, but we're getting really down and dirty this time. Three words: I have SCREENSHOTS.

Oh yes, I went there.

Well first of all, this post has spoilers. Obviously.

Second of all, I'm so sad that I'm not Greek. Really. I think Greek families are so adorable. Constantine's dad was especially adorable, dropping Greek words at dinner and having an accent as well as the name Dimitri. He even started throwing money out while all the women of the family were dancing. And look at sweet little grandma on the couch. She's loving it too.
To this I say "Opa!"

Also, Constantine. I thought he was kind of boring at first, but now I totally like him. He's smart and funny and easy going. And did I mention Greek?
The commentary always gets repetitive, and this week, it was no different as Ashley ended each home-town date with "I feel like we have a genuine connection." Good for you Ash, good for you.

I felt like half of the reason I enjoyed this episode was all of the scenery. Hellooooo Pennsylvania! Seriously, it was dripping in green. My eyes couldn't even believe it. So gorgeous!

I liked Ashley's outfit. Cute, casual, and pretty. I'm seeing bright orange a lot more lately. (Kellie, if you're reading this, I hope you don't regret not buying that orange skirt too much... there will be more orange skirts to be had, right?)
I also like her earring. Pretty!

Ashley is the most annoying to me when she emphasizes the end of her sentences. And these hand gestures were out of control when talking to Ames's mom. But Ames's mom was great. "The world's your oyster." And Ames! "It's best when the ordinary is extraordinary." Yeah, he kind of sounds and acts like a robot, but he seems really sincere.

Ben. I have liked Ben from just about the beginning. I honestly didn't think he would have lasted this long. He's one of those simple guys with just enough dorkiness to be endearing. Look at that cheesy smile! And his reference to Dumb and Dumber on the scooter last week was perfect.

Dear Ben's mom, I like your house and your red door.

So, Ben has a tendency to look like a caveman. But I can look past it. I was glad to see his sister didn't get the caveman genes, and rather she was quite classy and pretty. It's hard to not be classy when wearing pearls though.

Ashley fixing her hair while JP is telling her about how he couldn't sleep he was so nervous/excited. Cute, Ash.

Dear JP's parents, I like your humongous pink tree. It's lovely.
As far as JP goes, I think Ashley is the most into him out of all the guys. Which makes me sad cause Ben is going to be heartbroken. And he's so sweet that it's sad to watch him be sad. When he was talking about his dad dying this week I just wanted to hug him (in a sisterly way of course). I do like JP, but I didn't like his reaction when he was so upset about all of the other guys' dates last week. It's fine to be upset, but to just not talk and mope around about it was kind of strange... is he going to shut down like that when him and Ashley are fighting? Cause that's not okay.

Moving on. Ohhh, Ames, how I love your stance during the rose ceremony. Your face is frozen and your hands are straight at your side. Except this week you mixed it up and moved one hand into your pocket. Nice work, my friend.

Unfortunately, it was too late for Ames. He kept a smile on his face the whole time while saying goodbye to Ashley, and then broke down in the car. Poor, poor Ames. But cheer up, because you're far smarter than Ashley and you will find a fitting woman to have adventures with someday. I just know it.

JP, I dare say it's time to grow your hair out. Cause it's pretty obvious now what Ashley's type is.

And that my friends, is the end of my Bachelorette commentary. Opa!


  1. ok so I've only watch a few episodes here and there because Ashley annoys me, but I started watching this episode halfway through and I must say I agree with you!!! I think JP is the pick, but I like Ben too!! My heart broke when he talked about his dad. And I must say my heart also broke with Ames, he wasn't my favorite, but I felt so bad for him. My heart goes to the under-dog and that what Ames was to me. I would love to sit and wacth every week with you and just do commentary to it. Love you Buttkiss! (ps I get to see you in 2weeks!!!)

  2. Love, Love this post. I am very into the bachelorett/bachelor world and have to agree with everything you've said. I'm kind of jumping boats though. I was all JP but I almost think Ben would be better for Ashley. But I think JP will win in the end. Sad for Ben
    :( Monday nights (or should I say Tuesday Day-since I have to watch it online) Is one of the best days of the week for me!!