Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jerome, AZ

This Independence Day, we headed north in hopes of cooler weather and adventures. We certainly didn't find the former, but our day was full of adventures. Kellie and Kacie joined us and we're so glad they did!

I had read about Jerome on the I Heart Mesa summer guide (found here - the first link on the right) and so we kind of spontaneously decided to go when Jason and I both had Monday off together. Sometimes I wistfully dream of visiting Europe and New Zealand and Japan and Canada and even Seattle and Chicago and New York... well you get the point. But I want to make a point of living in the present and enjoying where I currently am in life, so Arizona traveling it is! And really, there are some pretty awesome places in Arizona. We still have plenty of exploring to do here and I love my home state.

Jerome is an old mining town near Cottonwood and Prescott. There were so many old and quirky things around and it was great for taking pictures... so I figure I should mention that I finally finally got a d-slr. The night before we went to Jerome, so of course I had no clue what I was do and just used the auto mode. I'm reading the manual now so hopefully my photography improves. Yeep.

We ate at the Haunted Hamburger for lunch (thanks once again Yelp). Gotta love the mason jars.

This is possibly my favorite picture of the day. Look at the lovely detail of my food. Confession time: nearly half of the pictures Jason and I take together are of food that we cook. Clearly, super nerdy. So it's exciting to see how much nicer our food pictures will become!

This place was really cute! I bought a piece of a vintage fruit box label and plan on hanging it in my kitchen soon.

I just realized Kasey's head completely disappears in this picture....

Kellie is so cool. She brought her whole camera collection and I loved every minute of it. And here you can see only some of them. Amazing!

First self-timer picture on the new camera.

Ohai adorable house, will you be mine?

We tried to visit this possible church-ish building, but it was a no go. The road was blocked off. It looked really cool and even had a courtyard on the roof.

Vintage police car. How can you be mad when this guy pulls you over? Look at that siren - adorable!

I'm a sucker for cute signs. I loved this clock one.

This house was meant to be a boat house.

Hi Kellie, you're pretty.

The paparazzi were in Jerome. I told them no pictures but they couldn't resist.

Hi Kacie, you're cute.

Yes, this is your best angle.

Kellie and her Ray-Bans, me and my $5 pretend Ray-Bans. I try.

Jason took this picture. I like it.

This camera was Kellie's grandpa. He was a veteran, and what a nice way to honor him on the 4th of July!

So we tried to do a jumping picture. We never got one where all 3 of us were in the air, but we did get this one. It's kind of my favorite.

The end!


  1. Your trip looks like so much fun!!! Miss you guys!

  2. What an awesome town! These pictures are amazing!