Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From the weekend

(Only 3 days late) My boss Saundra told me to take pictures of the weekend. So I did, kinda.

The remnants of a speed game. Let's just say I won a lot and leave it at that.

I was taking a shower Sunday morning and was shocked to see the nail polish on one of my nails peeling off. Not chipping off, but it was like the whole layer had folded over in one piece. What the heck? This has never happened to me before. Jason asked if I used a clear coat. Whatever husband, try to act like you know more about nail polish than I do. And as a matter of fact, no, I didn't use a clear coat. So there.

We did an overhauling of our living room over the weekend. Jason made this bookcase by hand (what a stud) and we finally got it set up where it should be. Don't mind all the cords and general chaos around. It's getting there.

That framed owl artwork was our anniversary card from my parents. My mom is awesome!

The reason for all the changes in our living room was this guy. Again, don't mind all of the cords. If you look closely, you can see me waving to you. Yes you!

Since I was taking pictures of our apartment, I took a picture of our frame wall. Yes, it kind of looks like something that would be in my grandmother's house, but I still like it. Also as you can tell, our apartment has terrible natural lighting. Possibly my least favorite thing about the place.

I kinda like owls.

Bah! The white balance is so bad in these pictures. The wall is a different color of white in each picture. I'm still learning. But anywho. Our friends Molli and Tyler were moving and Molli was going to trash this picture. We kinda liked it so we took it. I think they thought we were joking when we said we were actually going to use it, but no, we really did. So I present: Mollixander, the little orange boy. And my printer, who's such a diva she gets her own desk.

What I didn't get any pictures of was our trip to IKEA. But suffice to say, Jason will not be putting a foot back into that place for another 5 years. If I have any luck, I can knock that number back to 2 years. Cross your fingers for me.

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  1. Your apartment looks darling...I so hope I get a tour when I get there :)