Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breakfast (and all the other meals too)

My breakfast has changed in the last few months. For years, my staple was a bagel and cream cheese or butter every morning for breakfast. The light bulb went on when Jason read in his textbook that bagels are on the top of the list of bad carbohydrates (that and jelly beans, which both together broke my heart). My boss Saundra gave me the idea to eat yogurt, granola, and fruit for breakfast.

How I love my breakfast now. And I don't even miss bagels, which I previously thought was impossible. I also add some flax seed or chia seed to my breakfast concoction for extra fiber and omega 3s. Yum and yum.

One of the things that has made me happiest this summer is when we check out at the grocery store and 75% of what we buy is produce.

Food is so fascinating to me, and the more I learn, the more empowered but also overwhelmed I feel. We've been making strides to eat healthier, and I can honestly say it's one of the changes I've made where I truly feel committed. Committed to keep learning and committed to keep making better choices.

I am far, far from being where I want to be as far as my eating habits go, but I am slowly moving my way there. I'm not one to go completely cold turkey, so I try to inundate good eating principles in baby steps. Some of the forefront changes lately have been more vegetables, less meat, and the least amount of prepackaged items possible. Fresh, pure ingredients.

My number one principle: only recipes that taste good. Healthy does not mean terrible, bland food. I refuse.

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