Friday, July 29, 2011

7th hour parties, felix felicis, and Globe

During my senior year of high school, I had 7th hour free along with my friends Katie and Julie. That time was spent talking too long in the parking lot, building our Harry Potter trivia knowledge with Harry Potter SceneIt, trips up the mountain, and playing n64 at Katie's house. It is some of my fondest memories of high school!

Here's some nostalgic pictures of our adventures back in the day.

We had a felix felicis handshake in honor of our love of HP. Totally weird! But awesome.

Katie is now in Globe, which is conveniently close to Tempe. Julie and I made the journey there yesterday to visit Katie and her precious little son, Jeter. Jeter is such a good baby and sooooooo ridiculously cute. It's crazy to see a friend who I've known for years now in her new role as a mother. Motherhood really looks good on you, Katie my dear.

For lunch, we went to the place with THE BEST PIZZA IN TOWN. PERIOD. Or at least it was according to one of those reviews online. Jury's still out considering it's the only pizza I've tried in Globe.

Seriously? Adorable.

This picture kills me! Katie has a BABY! Isn't she glowing!

After lunch we walked around downtown Globe.

It even monsooned on us! Is that a real verb? I don't know but I just made it one.

Jeter really liked his feet.

All grown up. Or at least pretending to be.

The best thing about old friends is that we don't have to do anything when we're together... we can just talk and be girly and laugh together.

Some of my favorite lines of the day:
Julie: "She has genital diabetes" (gestational diabetes)

As we're watching the video of a storm that wrecked Katie and Kameron's boat (Julie had missed the part about the boat wrecking)
Julie: "The lake is so nice!"
Katie: "I was bawling."
Julie: "Because it was so beautiful?"
Katie: "No, because our boat wrecked."

And there may or may not have been a felix felicis handshake.....

When we were leaving, we noticed that my fingernails were exactly the same color as Katie's house! Brilliant!

Thanks SO much for having us Katie! I can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From the weekend

(Only 3 days late) My boss Saundra told me to take pictures of the weekend. So I did, kinda.

The remnants of a speed game. Let's just say I won a lot and leave it at that.

I was taking a shower Sunday morning and was shocked to see the nail polish on one of my nails peeling off. Not chipping off, but it was like the whole layer had folded over in one piece. What the heck? This has never happened to me before. Jason asked if I used a clear coat. Whatever husband, try to act like you know more about nail polish than I do. And as a matter of fact, no, I didn't use a clear coat. So there.

We did an overhauling of our living room over the weekend. Jason made this bookcase by hand (what a stud) and we finally got it set up where it should be. Don't mind all the cords and general chaos around. It's getting there.

That framed owl artwork was our anniversary card from my parents. My mom is awesome!

The reason for all the changes in our living room was this guy. Again, don't mind all of the cords. If you look closely, you can see me waving to you. Yes you!

Since I was taking pictures of our apartment, I took a picture of our frame wall. Yes, it kind of looks like something that would be in my grandmother's house, but I still like it. Also as you can tell, our apartment has terrible natural lighting. Possibly my least favorite thing about the place.

I kinda like owls.

Bah! The white balance is so bad in these pictures. The wall is a different color of white in each picture. I'm still learning. But anywho. Our friends Molli and Tyler were moving and Molli was going to trash this picture. We kinda liked it so we took it. I think they thought we were joking when we said we were actually going to use it, but no, we really did. So I present: Mollixander, the little orange boy. And my printer, who's such a diva she gets her own desk.

What I didn't get any pictures of was our trip to IKEA. But suffice to say, Jason will not be putting a foot back into that place for another 5 years. If I have any luck, I can knock that number back to 2 years. Cross your fingers for me.

You know you work at a design firm...

....when your going away party has beer in the conference room.

I saw this and had to laugh. While I don't enjoy beer, I really do love the relaxed atmosphere of the design world. My boss told me my dress code was "no pajamas." When we have a creative block, we work on puzzles. And NO cubicles!

And yes, this means that today is my last day. I'm sad! It's gone by so quickly and I will miss the new friends I have made.

One more thing before I go. Jason has been up to his ears in essays for med school. He's getting secondary applications now, praise God! It's a joyful thing. However, each school requires 3-5 essays and more money with the secondary application. When you apply to 15 schools, that's a LOT of essays. I've been his proofreader/editor and kind of love it. Cause I'm nerdy like that. Anywho, we were going over one of his essays that he hadn't edited much yet. The question was something about what do you believe "Life in Discovery" means. He had a paragraph that sounded very professional until this sentence:

A person discovers about themselves, about other people, and about everything in this world and even the universe.

It was one of those sentences where he was just writing out his thoughts, but it still gave us a good laugh. Maybe it's just one of those you had to be there situations? Who cares, I'm still sharing it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We're holding hands, the disco ball is turning

I'm taking my blog where it's never been before, and regrettably, I don't think there's any turning back.

I'm going Bachelorette on everyone! Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and when she's bored at work, that means getting a little messy on the interweb. It's okay if you judge me, cause well I'm judging myself right now. But I just can't help it; the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is my guilty pleasure. I very well may have already confessed that on my blog before, but we're getting really down and dirty this time. Three words: I have SCREENSHOTS.

Oh yes, I went there.

Well first of all, this post has spoilers. Obviously.

Second of all, I'm so sad that I'm not Greek. Really. I think Greek families are so adorable. Constantine's dad was especially adorable, dropping Greek words at dinner and having an accent as well as the name Dimitri. He even started throwing money out while all the women of the family were dancing. And look at sweet little grandma on the couch. She's loving it too.
To this I say "Opa!"

Also, Constantine. I thought he was kind of boring at first, but now I totally like him. He's smart and funny and easy going. And did I mention Greek?
The commentary always gets repetitive, and this week, it was no different as Ashley ended each home-town date with "I feel like we have a genuine connection." Good for you Ash, good for you.

I felt like half of the reason I enjoyed this episode was all of the scenery. Hellooooo Pennsylvania! Seriously, it was dripping in green. My eyes couldn't even believe it. So gorgeous!

I liked Ashley's outfit. Cute, casual, and pretty. I'm seeing bright orange a lot more lately. (Kellie, if you're reading this, I hope you don't regret not buying that orange skirt too much... there will be more orange skirts to be had, right?)
I also like her earring. Pretty!

Ashley is the most annoying to me when she emphasizes the end of her sentences. And these hand gestures were out of control when talking to Ames's mom. But Ames's mom was great. "The world's your oyster." And Ames! "It's best when the ordinary is extraordinary." Yeah, he kind of sounds and acts like a robot, but he seems really sincere.

Ben. I have liked Ben from just about the beginning. I honestly didn't think he would have lasted this long. He's one of those simple guys with just enough dorkiness to be endearing. Look at that cheesy smile! And his reference to Dumb and Dumber on the scooter last week was perfect.

Dear Ben's mom, I like your house and your red door.

So, Ben has a tendency to look like a caveman. But I can look past it. I was glad to see his sister didn't get the caveman genes, and rather she was quite classy and pretty. It's hard to not be classy when wearing pearls though.

Ashley fixing her hair while JP is telling her about how he couldn't sleep he was so nervous/excited. Cute, Ash.

Dear JP's parents, I like your humongous pink tree. It's lovely.
As far as JP goes, I think Ashley is the most into him out of all the guys. Which makes me sad cause Ben is going to be heartbroken. And he's so sweet that it's sad to watch him be sad. When he was talking about his dad dying this week I just wanted to hug him (in a sisterly way of course). I do like JP, but I didn't like his reaction when he was so upset about all of the other guys' dates last week. It's fine to be upset, but to just not talk and mope around about it was kind of strange... is he going to shut down like that when him and Ashley are fighting? Cause that's not okay.

Moving on. Ohhh, Ames, how I love your stance during the rose ceremony. Your face is frozen and your hands are straight at your side. Except this week you mixed it up and moved one hand into your pocket. Nice work, my friend.

Unfortunately, it was too late for Ames. He kept a smile on his face the whole time while saying goodbye to Ashley, and then broke down in the car. Poor, poor Ames. But cheer up, because you're far smarter than Ashley and you will find a fitting woman to have adventures with someday. I just know it.

JP, I dare say it's time to grow your hair out. Cause it's pretty obvious now what Ashley's type is.

And that my friends, is the end of my Bachelorette commentary. Opa!

I'll take all of these, please

Friday, July 15, 2011

Honey come home

I have the day off today, which never happens. I've been able to work on some projects, take a cat nap, and have conversations with the sun as it sneaks in through the blinds.

My favorite part of today so far was when Jason came home on his lunch break. He had already eaten so we spent 20 minutes cuddling on the couch. We didn't talk much, just held each other and enjoyed the moment.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breakfast (and all the other meals too)

My breakfast has changed in the last few months. For years, my staple was a bagel and cream cheese or butter every morning for breakfast. The light bulb went on when Jason read in his textbook that bagels are on the top of the list of bad carbohydrates (that and jelly beans, which both together broke my heart). My boss Saundra gave me the idea to eat yogurt, granola, and fruit for breakfast.

How I love my breakfast now. And I don't even miss bagels, which I previously thought was impossible. I also add some flax seed or chia seed to my breakfast concoction for extra fiber and omega 3s. Yum and yum.

One of the things that has made me happiest this summer is when we check out at the grocery store and 75% of what we buy is produce.

Food is so fascinating to me, and the more I learn, the more empowered but also overwhelmed I feel. We've been making strides to eat healthier, and I can honestly say it's one of the changes I've made where I truly feel committed. Committed to keep learning and committed to keep making better choices.

I am far, far from being where I want to be as far as my eating habits go, but I am slowly moving my way there. I'm not one to go completely cold turkey, so I try to inundate good eating principles in baby steps. Some of the forefront changes lately have been more vegetables, less meat, and the least amount of prepackaged items possible. Fresh, pure ingredients.

My number one principle: only recipes that taste good. Healthy does not mean terrible, bland food. I refuse.