Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer times

Summer has been pretty good to us so far. It's been a good mix of relaxing, learning, and adventures.

We went to a Diamond Backs game last weekend. They lost but it was good fun.

(I honestly think my camera is dying. These pictures all came out so blurry. Makes me sad. But can I blame my looking like a 12-year-old on the blurriness? Please.)

Some friends joined us on our spontaneous adventure and it made it all the better! Thanks for coming Kellie and bringing your crew, and nice idea to rotate at an angle for the picture. Always a smart one. (Also, stand up straight Emily)

On the far right of the picture is our friend Kevin. Kevin and I both in the graphic design program, so naturally Kevin is awesome. We became friends over the last year, but it's kind of weird having a guy friend when you're married. I can't just call him up and go to lunch with him for obvious reasons.

Finally over the summer, Jason and Kevin have gotten to know each other and they hit it off better than I could have imagined. They have a ton of similar interests, and as a plus, they have the same food dislikes (sour cream and cilantro) so that makes it easy when cooking for them. Makes me happy that I could bring about this new bromance. Now to find Kevin a girlfriend so her and I can go shopping while the boys play basketball or Call of Duty....

PS Notice Jason and Kevin's matching shirts in the picture. Yep, they were meant to be.

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