Monday, June 27, 2011


Jason and I have been married a year now. And what a year it has been! It is certainly an adventure to be married to Jason. He makes daily life so much more exciting and full of laughter. One of our mottos for this year of marriage has been "live and learn." We've made a lot of mistakes, but we're living and learning, together.

It's humbling to be a wife. In one of the books I read in preparation for getting married, it said that marriage shines a spotlight on your flaws. When I was single, it was easier to pretend to be "perfect." Now that Jason lives with me and sees all of me, it's glaringly obvious that I am far from it. But he still loves me, and it's such a blessing to have Christ's love for us reflected like that in our marriage. I'm so thankful God trusted me to be Jason's wife, and I pray that we continue to build our marriage on His love.

To celebrate both our anniversary and Jason's birthday, we took a trip north to Sedona. It was fantastic.

Saturday morning we went on a 6ish mile hike on the West Fork trail. It wore me out but I felt accomplished once we were done.

Jason the mountain man.

We crossed the creek so many times. Each crossing lovely and picturesque.

See that log Jason is walking towards? It seriously looked like a bear, ready to eat me.

During our hike, we passed this group of Asian tourists. There was several older people in the group, but they were so fast! We were amazed. Jason kept telling me to take a picture of them to remember them, but that's kind of awkward since they were behind us. I finally got a shot of this lone man who walked a little bit ahead of the group. We tried talking to him but he didn't speak English. He had to have been 60 though, and he definitely could have taken me in a hiking battle.

After the hike, we needed FOOD. We went to Simon's Hot Dogs. It had been rated on of the top 25 restaurants in Arizona by Arizona Highways magazine so of course we had to go there. Yes, I ate a gourmet hotdog after a 6 mile hike, and I'm proud of it. Oh and the caption for this picture is, "wife, please stop taking pictures of me."

Husband's face got happier once the food came.

For dinner that night, we went to the Heartline Cafe. Isn't their sign adorable?

At the concierge desk of our hotel, they told us about the look out point by the airport where we can watch the sunset. Sound's romantic right? Fifty or so other people thought the same thing, so we watched with a big crowd. Less romantic, but fun all the same.

On our last morning, we did more driving and taking pictures. I loved all the red buttes.

We also stopped at the Chapel of the Holy Cross. What an awesome structure!

We made friends with the Farmer's Market people. They made some awesome apple cider, but it was too expensive. We did get some peaches and I can't wait to try them.

I love our adventures. And we're only just getting started!


  1. I can't believe it's been a year! By far you guys are one of my very favorite you guys! Glad you had a nice getaway!!! Pictures are awesome!

  2. I love all you picturs! The ones in the polaroids make it very obvious that you are a design major! We are going to Sedona in a couple of weeks so "tanks" for the review! O and congrats on the 2 years!