Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blue-eyed boy

Had a good time this weekend with family and friends in Thatcher. How I could I resist this little cutie, my nephew Myles, with his blue eyes and hoodie towel. Adorable!

Urban Hippie

After a good talk with Jason on our drive home from Thatcher yesterday, I finally pinpointed what I want to be when I grow up.

I love the city. It wasn't love at first sight. It was a slow process but now I can say with certainty I really do love love love the city. I love the attitude, the culture, the food, the diversity, the big dreams everyone has.

I'm going to go off on a bit of tangent here. Growing up, one of my favorite places in the world to visit was St. Louis. My family usually went camping out in the middle of nowhere for vacations, which really was great, but there was something about St. Louis that got me. Just in the last week or so, I finally connected that joy as a child to the joy I feel when exploring a big city. That was a big moment of realization for me.

Another thing I love is food. The more I learn about the US food industry, the more I want to avoid the mainstream masproduced food as much as possible (this is a whole other issue so I won't even get started on the reasons). So along with that, I've had the crazy idea that I want to have chickens. Like chickens that lay fresh eggs. Of course if I have chickens, I have to also have a garden with herbs and veggies and fruit.

What does is all boil down to? I want to be an urban hippie. I may be overeaching here in wanting the best of both a small town and a city, but it's my dream. I want to be a part of vibrant city, knowing all the best restaurants and having an annual pass to the museums, but also have a mini farm in my backyard where I can raise fresh food for my family (is there anything more granola than raising my own food? oh yeah, and I'm going to garden in birkenstocks). I think the compromise for us would be to live in a suburb that allows us to have a big yard. Close to the city, but not too close to have to deal with downtown traffic and far enough away that we have some room to spread out.

Oh yeah, the best part: Jason is totally on the same page as me. I love that guy.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Obligatory finals post

I'm done for the summer!

Well, done with school that is. It's a relief because finals is always so draining. This year was officially the worst. The last week was possibly the most stressful in history.

The pain of is already fading but I certainly haven't forgotten sitting at my printer at 6 AM on Thursday sobbing and thinking I really couldn't do it. We had to make a program book with all our previous projects. Mine was 192 pages and took 4 hours to print the whole thing. I printed one, folded each page in half to make signatures (sections of a book), and then messed it up when cutting it (embarrassing) at around 2 AM. I printed the next one and at 6 realized I had made an error and printed the wrong order of pages (double embarrassing). Cue alarmed husband trying to comfort his distraught wife, crumpled in front of the printer. Thus is my glamorous life.

I wasted a lot of paper, ink, and time, but I finally got two books mostly finished (we had to make two, one to keep and one to give to our teachers) as well as my portfolio. There is so much that goes into putting the whole portfolio together and I seriously lived in front of my printer for three straight days. I was a tired mother tending a newborn that never slept. Remember how I said I pulled my first all-nighter? Make that multiples all-nighters in one week.

Mostly, I write about this just because I don't want to forget how hard I worked. And more importantly, how much God provides for me during finals. Things may not happen in my time, but God always brings me through the storm and I'm so grateful for his steadfastness. I really couldn't do this without him.

Here's my load of stuff before I left for my review. The wood box is my portfolio. That box would not be here without my amazing mother and husband! It is more than I dreamed of and I truly love it.

I treated myself to a post-semester shopping spree. Well, I only got one shirt, but a spree sounds more fun. I can't wait to wear this quaint blouse at my internship when I pretend to be a big girl.

Finally, thanks to extra scholarship money, here's to hoping this is in my near future!

I finally took my 10,000th picture! I will share more on that soon.

My dad called me when I finished my review and asked how it feels to FINALLY be a senior. It feels pretty darn good, my friends.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Choose the right word

I was only recently educated on the existence of Apple's Dictionary. My Mac education has been a slow one. It's embarrassing but I still don't know how to use spaces (don't judge me. Kellie I'm talking to you).

Apple's Dictionary is simple but classically lovely. How can I not be happy when I see the serifs and italics, and it even helps me choose the right word! So clever.

This wins any day over an online dictionary website with flashing ads everywhere (Merriam-Webster, I talking to you).