Thursday, April 21, 2011

Room 326

So, I really should be either working or sleeping. But I wanted to share this picture before I forget about it.

When stalking one of the senior's website (typical thing for us juniors to do), I found this picture.

It's me! (if you look hard enough) We all have our serious listening faces on.

This photo is when we had a guest lecturer named Maria Grillo. She works at the Grillo Group in Chicago. She was so incredibly lovely and had down-to-earth, wonderful advice. She gave us 15 or so minutes and challenged us to make something "ugly." The lesson was that nothing is completely ugly and there's beauty in everything, depending on your perception. And come on, who doesn't want to go out of their way to make something ugly for the fun of it every now and then?

I'm feeling sentimental... I've been with my class in that room since August of last year. I love my classmates and we're together from 1-5 every day. Summer will be so jarring to suddenly have that gone.

Just about 2 weeks now until school will be over. One more year down... one more to go.

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