Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lake Tahoe in black and white

I'm kind of a dyslexic typer, and well dyslexic in general, so when I first typed the title, it said "Alke." It took me a second to even figure what the heck I meant.

Lake Tahoe, you were beautiful. And cold. Thanks for making my spring break extra special.

Sidenote: Uploading the pictures seemed to make them darker... hopefully you can still tell what is going on.

We ate soooo much good food.

Taken by my talented mother.

It's not every day you see sand, waves, and snow together.

Dear Husband, you're adorable.

This tree had character. It was so windblown that all the branches are growing one way, which gave an almost human-like appearance - weathered and windblown, but still standing strong. I'm pretty sure if it could talk it would be saying, "Bring it on!"

My 9500th picture! Only 500 left to go!

PS Three years ago Jason asked me to be his "angel." It honestly feels like it's been way longer than three years. He's still just as cheesy as ever, and I love him.


  1. when you guys said you were going to Lake tahoe, I was thinking it was to go swimming, not snowboarding. show how much I know where that even is! So uh.... I guess you didn't need the sunscreen I told jason to pack.

  2. It looks cold! But you look Hot! Whenever we go to Mesa we stay in Queen Creek! And the trips are always short, But I am going to make an effort to see you, life is going to be a little crazy for a couple of months but as soon as I can!

  3. You take beautiful pictures Em. I love these! You're a true artist.

  4. These pictures are amazing. and I LOVE your jacket! I want it!