Friday, April 29, 2011

Just wait a little longer

There's an undeniable itch that summer is just around the corner. I'm so very ready for summer adventures. It's been very hard today to be productive and I have to keep reminding myself, just a little longer. Just wait a little longer.

In other news, I cut my hair a few weeks ago. It's a nice summer cut... but, I miss my long hair a little bit. There, I said it.

Final note: I pulled my first all-nighter for school! I was pretty proud of myself. I only accidentally took a nap from probably 6:45-7:15am, and was woken to find Jason sitting next to me on the couch, staring at me. So weird.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Room 326

So, I really should be either working or sleeping. But I wanted to share this picture before I forget about it.

When stalking one of the senior's website (typical thing for us juniors to do), I found this picture.

It's me! (if you look hard enough) We all have our serious listening faces on.

This photo is when we had a guest lecturer named Maria Grillo. She works at the Grillo Group in Chicago. She was so incredibly lovely and had down-to-earth, wonderful advice. She gave us 15 or so minutes and challenged us to make something "ugly." The lesson was that nothing is completely ugly and there's beauty in everything, depending on your perception. And come on, who doesn't want to go out of their way to make something ugly for the fun of it every now and then?

I'm feeling sentimental... I've been with my class in that room since August of last year. I love my classmates and we're together from 1-5 every day. Summer will be so jarring to suddenly have that gone.

Just about 2 weeks now until school will be over. One more year down... one more to go.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Down by the water and the tide keeps rising

What a week. It was busy and filled with events and goings on, all school-related of course, and I didn't quite hold it together. Yesterday found me in tears because I felt overwhelmed and spread thin. I can't say that's anything new; I've been known to cry about school when I'm stressed.

Today, after a good night of sleep and waking up to the relaxing sound of rain, I feel refreshed. As I sit alone in my little apartment, I've been reflecting on the last week, and there really were so many good moments! Sometimes in the storm it's easy to forget how lucky I am, but now that a few of the clouds have cleared, I can wholeheartedly say it was a good week.

Some highlights:

T-shirt Competition

My coworker Regan and I were given the task of essentially coordinating an entire event for our school. We held a t-shirt competition and our boss was conveniently gone this week, so all the responsibility fell on us. And let me tell you, everything that could have gone wrong, did. But when things go wrong, that is just an opportunity to trust God, and he brought everything together in the end.

*There was a group of tables that we had to move from the basement of one building to the first floor of another building. Regan and I each grabbed a heavy table and dragged them to the other building. Regan is about my size and she kept saying, "We're just little girls!" as we ungracefully maneuvered the tables. The irony of us "little girls" moving those big tables was enough to keep me laughing the whole time, and I even had to take a few breaks because I was laughing so hard. At that point, we had been through a lot with the event, and we just had to laugh at the whole situation.

*One of the major crises with our event was that the professor that was supposed to help us had an unplanned heart surgery that prior weekend and consequently we had to work without him. He was supposed to bring a pool pole to hang the t-shirt display, which was wire suspended across a 3-story atrium in our building. We didn't realize until half an hour before we were supposed to hang the t-shirts that we no longer were getting that pool pole. Cue panic. One of the other professors had the bright idea to ask the janitor and he provided us an extendable feather duster with a bright pink, Dr. Suess-like fluffy top. It worked perfectly, and seeing the shirts being hung with that was so ridiculous and wonderful.

What a rewarding moment to stand on the first floor and watch the shirts begin filling the space up to the third floor, as students watched on with interest. I took this picture on my dinky phone but if you look hard, you can see towards the top on of my classmates in a red shirt pushing the shirt out with the feather duster.

Scaring Jason

On Wednesday night, I was getting out of class when Jason texted me that he was on campus using the computer lab and that he could give me a ride home. He was still going to be another ten minutes or so. I went outside to wait until he told me he was heading towards the car. Slowly, I began walking towards the parking lot, figuring I could wait outside for him and save time. Once I got to the car, I had a much more brilliant idea come to me.

I quickly unlocked the car and lay down in the backseat, hoping it was dark enough to not be seen. Jason called and told me if I waited outside my building, he could come pick me up. I commented on how thoughtful he was and said I would be waiting for him. A minute later, he began unlocking the car door and I popped up and screamed. I stop screaming, but he continued for a good 20 seconds. The look of terror on his face was perfection and I will still be laughing about it for fifty years to come.

Trash Photoshoot

One of our school projects is a guidebook on green living for an apartment complex of elderly people. My group is using photographs for our narrative, so we had to stage quite an interesting photoshoot. Some of our topics are things you can and cannot recycle, put down the garbage disposal, put in the microwave, etc.

So last night we stayed to photograph a banana peel, a chicken bone, a dirty can of soup, a pizza box, a multitude of plastic and glass products... the list goes on. We were so entertained by how ridiculous our stash of trash looked. We have this professinal looking photo tent and my classmate is hovering over with a digital slr, taking a picture of a chicken bone on a black piece of paper. So fun.

And now I share with you a few of the best.... mind you, these are unedited and the color is all wrong so they will look better after photoshop has its say.

The things we do for school.....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lake Tahoe in black and white

I'm kind of a dyslexic typer, and well dyslexic in general, so when I first typed the title, it said "Alke." It took me a second to even figure what the heck I meant.

Lake Tahoe, you were beautiful. And cold. Thanks for making my spring break extra special.

Sidenote: Uploading the pictures seemed to make them darker... hopefully you can still tell what is going on.

We ate soooo much good food.

Taken by my talented mother.

It's not every day you see sand, waves, and snow together.

Dear Husband, you're adorable.

This tree had character. It was so windblown that all the branches are growing one way, which gave an almost human-like appearance - weathered and windblown, but still standing strong. I'm pretty sure if it could talk it would be saying, "Bring it on!"

My 9500th picture! Only 500 left to go!

PS Three years ago Jason asked me to be his "angel." It honestly feels like it's been way longer than three years. He's still just as cheesy as ever, and I love him.

Friday, April 1, 2011

One red barn

I've been looking through old pictures because of a current school project, and I found this picture I took in Central, Arizona.

I was taking a photography class and our assignment was a panoramic picture. In this picture, I was bothered by all of the dirt and the tarps and the "ugly" bushes in the background. I wanted to use a picture of Mt. Graham, but my teacher said this picture captured so much more.

Three years later, I finally understand.