Monday, February 7, 2011

Joys of marriage

It is an adventure, to be sure, when you marry a graphic design student. Your printer is bigger than your tv and your house is filled with more paper than you may ever use in a whole lifetime.

Being in a small apartment, a cutting mat is fit in wherever there is space for one. Even if this is on the floor by your dining room table. You also never know when something sharp like a utility blade is just waiting to be stepped on. (thankfully this hasn't actually happened, YET)

You never know what you will find taped up on the walls. And yes, they will stare at you as you eat. And yes, your wife will ask you what you think about each curve and space and size. Just fake it as best you can.

Another feature of your small apartment will be the storage space offered behind any large pieces of furniture. Every miscellaneous cutting mat, foamcore board, chipboard, parent sheet etc etc etc will be there. Just pray your guests don't look too closely.

Your bookcases may hold an equal amount of books and paper. Just don't ever touch the paper, and everyone is happy.

And last, a warning. If you marry a graphic design student, you may be preparing dinner a lot because your wife has some lame excuse like she doesn't "feel like cooking." Same goes for cleaning.

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  1. Buttkiss I miss you! I bet you're the best graphic designn student there is and the best wife to boot....I love you!! (tell Jason hi for me too) :)