Friday, February 25, 2011


I've been overwhelmed lately. I have piles and piles of work and homework. Internships to apply to. Emails to attend to. The floor in our apartment looks like one big shelf. Our kitchen counter is begging to be cleaned. I'm not getting any sleep. I'm grumpy. And if that's not enough, I feel as though there is no end in sight and things will just get tougher.

But I felt hope today as I drove around town running errands, taking a trip north on Mill Avenue into Phoenix and Scottsdale, a route I don't normally take.

I felt hope when I drove by ASU campus and felt a sense of belonging.

I felt hope when I saw the mill on Mill avenue, juxtaposed amidst a bunch of sleek and shiny buildings.

I felt hope when I drove on the bridge across Tempe Town Lake and imagined the bridge at night, with lights draped across, reflecting on the water below.

I felt hope when I drove by the Marquee Theater, reminded of the memories of past concerts joined with good friends.

I felt hope in the desert near the Phoenix Zoo, where one moment I was surrounded by buildings, and the next the only thing around me was cacti.

I felt hope when I saw the red clay rock of the Papago Peaks.

I unwound myself from my to-do list and breathed in the life around me. Sometimes a simple drive is all I need.

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