Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cross it off the list

Website: Done*

Ladies and gents, I present

Next up: Find an internship. (I'm nervous)

*For the time being, that is. Every day I wake up and want to change something else. It's fairly simple right now, so I may move into something more "techy" later on. But for now, I wanted to stay with something I could manage. I'm finally getting the hang of this web design stuff. Hallelujah!

Oh and speaking of asterisks, I have a new group in my studio class. This whole semester in VisCom is group project oriented, and last semester we chose a group that we would stick with the whole year. But, our teachers decided to mix things up and let us choose new groups for the next project. I love my new group and I'm excited for the change of pace.

Of course any group in a graphic design program has to have a logo, right?

Our group name is asterisk.

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