Monday, February 28, 2011

It's really bursting at the seams

I brought these flowers home the other day (at the chagrin of my husband, who thought I was trying to make him feel bad for not buying me any flowers as of late).

While my floral arrangement skills are lacking, these flowers are such a refreshing addition to our apartment. They are nearly brighter than any other thing we have and I love the burst of color and happiness they bring.

Someday, I am certain that my home will be filled with fresh flowers at all times (much like the lovely florals Jack Donaghy always has on his desk)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cross it off the list

Website: Done*

Ladies and gents, I present

Next up: Find an internship. (I'm nervous)

*For the time being, that is. Every day I wake up and want to change something else. It's fairly simple right now, so I may move into something more "techy" later on. But for now, I wanted to stay with something I could manage. I'm finally getting the hang of this web design stuff. Hallelujah!

Oh and speaking of asterisks, I have a new group in my studio class. This whole semester in VisCom is group project oriented, and last semester we chose a group that we would stick with the whole year. But, our teachers decided to mix things up and let us choose new groups for the next project. I love my new group and I'm excited for the change of pace.

Of course any group in a graphic design program has to have a logo, right?

Our group name is asterisk.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I've been overwhelmed lately. I have piles and piles of work and homework. Internships to apply to. Emails to attend to. The floor in our apartment looks like one big shelf. Our kitchen counter is begging to be cleaned. I'm not getting any sleep. I'm grumpy. And if that's not enough, I feel as though there is no end in sight and things will just get tougher.

But I felt hope today as I drove around town running errands, taking a trip north on Mill Avenue into Phoenix and Scottsdale, a route I don't normally take.

I felt hope when I drove by ASU campus and felt a sense of belonging.

I felt hope when I saw the mill on Mill avenue, juxtaposed amidst a bunch of sleek and shiny buildings.

I felt hope when I drove on the bridge across Tempe Town Lake and imagined the bridge at night, with lights draped across, reflecting on the water below.

I felt hope when I drove by the Marquee Theater, reminded of the memories of past concerts joined with good friends.

I felt hope in the desert near the Phoenix Zoo, where one moment I was surrounded by buildings, and the next the only thing around me was cacti.

I felt hope when I saw the red clay rock of the Papago Peaks.

I unwound myself from my to-do list and breathed in the life around me. Sometimes a simple drive is all I need.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My pussy cat, my trampoline

Life has been busy. This semester is rough, with classes as well as two jobs.

As much as I enjoy my design job, I think it's what puts me over the edge. I make my own schedule, which is nice, but that also means I work during my free time. I'm used to feeling guilty if I'm not do doing school work (and yes, this means I feel some guilt when doing things like going grocery shopping and cooking dinner. And blogging. And showering. I know, I know.). What I'm not used to is feeling guilty when I'm not working on design job projects. Guilt of school work + guilt of design job work = nearly constant anxiety.

It makes me sad to see that written out. Sometimes it doesn't really hit me until I have to spell it out. I hate to see myself with so much anxiety. This is where I need to start praying through some Psalms. David has a beautiful way of expressing his fears, doubts, sadness, and rage, and then bringing it back and saying, but you are God, and I will trust you.

One thing that makes me happy when I'm stressed out is this video.

Jason recorded it at the fun. concert at ASU the other weekend. They were so, so good.

Warning, there is a cuss word in the middle of the video. But it leads to my favorite part of the video because you can hear Kellie laughing after Nate sings it.

Some pictures I took at the concert:

My friend Molli. One of the prettiest girls I know.

The concert was on the SRC field. Thus the color of my feet.

Oh yeah, and remember how I'm trying to get to 10,000 pictures on my camera?

I only have 800 left. Here's 9200.

A blurry picture of the north design building. My coworker and I are basically playing interior designers... it should be interesting!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh what I wouldn't do If I had you, babe, I had you

This Valentine's post is late, but it's here.

Three years ago, a group of my friends went to WalMart on Valentine's Day. I don't remember the reason, but I do remember that somehow my friend Julie and I convinced a boy to buy us Valentine's presents while we were there.

This boy went searching for the perfect gifts while we waited to be surprised.

He gave Julie some cheap red necklaces that must have been for children because she could only wear them on her wrist.

He got me a trio of journal keychains. He said I could write all of the sarcastic things I said to him in the journals.

I feel it was this point my heart began to soften towards this boy. He was thoughtful. And he actually liked my sarcasm?

Three years later, this boy is my husband. I only have one journal left, and it has been mangled. I'm pretty sure Lyndee's niece was the one to tear off the chain, so it's no longer a keychain. There are only a few entries in this journal, but I'm fairly certain I could have filled a hundred journals by now with all my sarcastic comments. Comments that a boy liked enough to marry me.

Manners of the French

I had to google the spelling of the phrase I'm going to use in my blog.

Faux pas. I'm so glad I know how to spell that now. I feel so French. Isn't it great that they can claim the orgin of this phrase? As though they were the first to call people out for bad manners.

I have a confession/request for help. A requestion?

Is it socially acceptable if I buy the same shoes* as one of my classmates? Or is it a fashion faux pas?
Think back to high school (if you went to a small school, that is) because that's what my school is like - we see everyone in our class every week day (and sadly many weekend days as well).

Oh yeah, and the shoes aren't even really my style. But my style is lame and I'm trying to take more risks. And I love the shoes.

Oh yeah, and they cost more than I ever spend on shoes. (I am a cheapy though, but still)

I love them.

Should I buy them and only wear them on days I don't go to school? Should I buy them and just wear them whenever the heck I want?
Oh should I not buy them?
If you think about answering the last one, remember that I love them.

I'm going to go try them on. Which could be a big deciding factor. But if anyone has any opinions, I would love to hear them.
As long as you don't judge me if I do indeed commit the heinous faux pas, offend the French, spend too much money, and buy them anyway.

*The shoes I found may not be the exact brand of shoes my classmate has. But I have a sneaking suspicion it is.

P.S. I just did a spell check and blogger thought I spell faux wrong. I'm pretty sure the French would call blogger out on this faux pas of faux spelling.

Edited to add: P.P.S. I showed the Jason the shoes. He didn't believe that they're women's shoes.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Joys of marriage

It is an adventure, to be sure, when you marry a graphic design student. Your printer is bigger than your tv and your house is filled with more paper than you may ever use in a whole lifetime.

Being in a small apartment, a cutting mat is fit in wherever there is space for one. Even if this is on the floor by your dining room table. You also never know when something sharp like a utility blade is just waiting to be stepped on. (thankfully this hasn't actually happened, YET)

You never know what you will find taped up on the walls. And yes, they will stare at you as you eat. And yes, your wife will ask you what you think about each curve and space and size. Just fake it as best you can.

Another feature of your small apartment will be the storage space offered behind any large pieces of furniture. Every miscellaneous cutting mat, foamcore board, chipboard, parent sheet etc etc etc will be there. Just pray your guests don't look too closely.

Your bookcases may hold an equal amount of books and paper. Just don't ever touch the paper, and everyone is happy.

And last, a warning. If you marry a graphic design student, you may be preparing dinner a lot because your wife has some lame excuse like she doesn't "feel like cooking." Same goes for cleaning.