Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You have the same eyebrows as him

I've finally been watching the 2nd season of Pushing Daisies. (Boo hiss at the terrible people who canceled this show and instead make crap like this.

The outfits on Pushing Daisies are phenomenal. I just about died when I saw the elk sweater. (is that an elk? I'm an embarrassment to my father, who had an elk/deer head mounted in our living room growing up - I honestly can never remember which it was or how to tell the difference)

PS, I love you, Ned.


  1. just came across your adorable little blog.. oh i just love your header and color scheme.

  2. Hey! We're watching season 2 together! Goody! Tyler and I literally just finished an episode. We only have one more episode left... and we're really sad about it. :( I seriously can't believe they'd cancel the quirky magic that is Pushing Daisies. Thank you for introducing us... cause it's AMAZING. Also, I would like to inherit Charlotte's wardrobe, if possible.