Thursday, January 13, 2011

Katniss's #1 fan

This is what my husband looks like a lot these days.

I tempted him with the Hunger Games, promising he would like it. I had to work when we got back from California, so I left the book on the couch. To my pleasant surprise I started receiving texts at work: "Oh crap. Her little sister is going to the hunger games" and "This book is already awesome and the fighting hasn't even begun!"

Suzanne Collins deserves a lot of credit here because Jason is not a reader. He would almost always choose a Simpsons episode over a book. I'm quite delighted to see him so caught up in a good book. He's almost done with Catching Fire now and I'm pretty sure it's the fastest he's ever read a series of books.

What's even better... we can't walk normally to the car anymore. We have to dash and dart and hide and shoot arrows because we are in the arena and someone's going to catch us any minute. Yes, I married a child inside a man's body. I really wouldn't have it any other way!

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