Thursday, January 13, 2011

Argyle, Cardigans, and Dimples

Because school is coming soon, we wanted to have some fun on our last days. Fun was spelled g-o-l-f today. Jason had been itching to go to a driving range so I obliged. We brought Tiffany along because she bragging so much about her "putt putt" skills.

Here's the dream team.

Jason and I went to a thrift store to pick up a golf club, and then of course we couldn't leave without outfits. I picked up those brown slacks, and Jason got his first argyle sweater. Tiffany was mesmerized by my high waistline. Who can blame her?

As far as the actual golfing, well needless to say, I'm not a natural. Dressing for success really didn't help me, but at least I learned that the "dimples" on the balls are there to make them more aerodynamic. In my case, if those balls had a million dimples, I still would be hopeless. At least I gave the others a good laugh.

What's golfing without some black and whites?

(notice the ball is still there, teehee)

The weather was so nice! Mid January and I'm in short sleeves. The argyle kids were getting a little toasty.

I love this kid.

Spring semester is just days away. Ho hum sigh. That means I can't wear my pajamas all day anymore.

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  1. I actually like Jason sweater.... is that bad? Also its college, wear those jammies. Just don't expect to get taken seriously :)