Thursday, January 20, 2011


That's my camera circled in the picture above. I've had it since I've graduated high school and it's rocking some seriously outdated specs: 5 megapixels, 2 inch LCD (that is almost impossible to see in sunlight), 5x optical zoom, and a 516 mb storage card. It's nearing its 5th birthday, which is centuries old in technology years. And, bless its heart, it looks its age with scratches, nicks, and missing parts.

Yes it's old and ragged, but it's become a trusty friend after all those years. I get sentimental thinking about all the memories its saved for me. So in honor of my camera, and as a personal goal, I want to take my 10,000th picture with it. Within 2011, preferably.
I recently took my 9,000th. It's pretty random... the roof of the World's Smallest Museum in Superior, AZ. Made completely of beer cans.

I'm sad because I don't have the first picture I took on my camera. I must have deleted it, it was so bad. But here's #15, my oldest picture. It's my old backyard in Thatcher.

Hanging at WalMart, looking like a third wheel, fresh after getting my braces off (I had to keep rubber bands on for a few weeks even after the fact): #2000

Julie and I taking pictures in the bra section of WalMart (there's a reocurring theme of WalMart. Don't judge. I lived in a small town with not a lot to do): #3000

And flying kites on top of Mt. Laguna: #6000

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  1. hahaah that picture is awesome at EA. I forgot we took that. OH yes your camera and you are pretty good friends. He/she is a good little buddy. It has been through the best of times and the worst of times(worst being Jerome's funeral if you have any of those).