Thursday, December 23, 2010


When Jason and I both get all As in our semester, what better way to celebrate than to climb A mountain?

We enjoyed the weather immensely. December 23 and we're walking without jackets? Score. One fellow walker even decided to take his shirt off. Only in Arizona.

We began east of Mill Avenue, and this lovely building was kind enough to offer a reflection of both the mountain and the famed mill on Mill Ave. More on the mill later and my deep deep love for it.

I got my hiking stance on...

as did Jason.

After we took this picture (we set the camera on a wall and used the 10 second timer) a kind gentleman told us we should have used the flash and that he would know since he's been a photographer for 40 years. Um thanks? I don't know half as much as I want to about photography but it seemed like an odd suggestion seeing as we're in broad daylight. Whatev.

I love the wisemen that make an appearance each year on the mountain. It's nice to see a small part of the story of Christmas in such a public place.

It's the A!

This building had a garden on top of the roof - how sustainable of them!

The view was awesome. It seemed as though we could see the whole city and beyond.

This may or may not be after my sweet husband climbed atop the A and mooned all of Tempe. But of course he wouldn't do that, because he's wise and mature and totally above that.

And now I introduce you to my favorite picture of the bunch. Ignore my face, I'm being ridiculous, blah blah blah. The real joy comes from Jason's face. I wanted to take a victory picture after we reached the top and apparently Jason was a little to close to the edge, and my dear camera captured the fear. YES.

I think it's so very wonderful that the mill still stands amidst a bunch of slick and corporate buildings. My favorite thing about the building is the advertisement on it for the Family Kitchen all-purpose flour.

So grateful for days that we both have off. Hiking, shopping, cooking, and 24. Thank you winter break!

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  1. YEAH! I am so glad you finally climbed it. Pretty good pictures and esp. that musty one. Go ASU!