Monday, November 1, 2010

So give me your hand, and let's jump out the window

Usually my blog is not a platform for announcing new and important news in the life of Emily Lunt, mostly because there isn't any news. My life is fairly uneventful, albeit busy. Oh yeah, and there's that whole thing about how I don't like the c word.


Well, blogging world, things are changing! The craziest thing is - I'm really, truly happy and excited about this new change. Say what?

No, I'm not pregnant. (just wanted to clear the air on that one)

So on to the real news. My teacher approached me one day during class and offered me a job. Who me? I was really taken off guard and immediately began resisting in my mind. I already have a job. This new job is scary. There's too many unknowns. I can't handle the stress of a new job. I don't know how to be a real designer. Thankfully, my teacher gave me some time to think about it.

And the more I thought about it, the stronger that glimmer of hope became. I knew in my heart that I would really regret turning down the job. Which only means one thing, right? I have to smile when I think about Jason patiently supporting me as I agonized over the decision. I have the tendency to freak out about making life decisions and he calmly let me word vomit all over him for at least a week. He was really excited for me and wanted me to take the job, but he waited for me to decide in my own time.

With the new job, I am part of team working for our new design school. The economy forced the schools to make cuts, which led to the School of Design Innovation (my school) being absorbed into the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Bear with me. Now that this new school has so many different disciplines (which might I add, is really the first of its kind in the US, and possibly even the world), the architecture name no longer fits. This is where my team comes in. The school will be renamed The Design School, and our task is to brand this new school.

Branding goes far beyond a new logo. The first task of our team was to get a pulse on how the students feel about the school, and where they want the school to become in the future. This is my first experience with focus groups. The most exciting thing to see was how fantastic our school director is. He has some grand ideas about how to explode the school with innovation and creativity, but most importantly, he really values the students.

I realized what a privilege it is to be designing something that is so central in my own life. Most of time, designers are working with companies that they may or may not have some sort of relationship with the product. But this time, I'm designing my own experience. It's hard to describe how our school works, but we really are our own culture, almost completely apart from ASU. Which is why I love my school so much. Across the board, each student is passionate and committed to what they're doing, and even though we may not know each other's names, we all understand what we're going through - the late hours, the stress piled on stress, the tedious and time-consuming work we have, the comradery we have with our classmates, the mentor-relationships we have with our professors, the feeling that we can make a difference in the world, and the reward we get from our work. Cheesy, right? But I love us.

I know I'm blabbing, but it's my journal and I want to document this new starting point. God continually amazes me by how he works in my life. I'm really grateful for the opportunity... Grateful and terrified. Things are changing, and I like it.


  1. congrats! I think you should take it. You'll be so good at it!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the title of this post!!! I think of you every time I hear that part of the song. :) Let me sing it to you, for kicks: So give me your hand and let's jump out the windooooooooooooooooow...