Sunday, November 7, 2010

The endless inbetween

I miss these girls.

There something to said for having fun/spontaneous/silly/awesome roommates. Now Lyndee is being a big girl in Utah and Kellie has new roommates to keep her entertained. I'm not saying I'm not grateful for Jason, but it's harder to be social when you're not living with your best (girl) friends.

Jason and I don't always have the same interests and I don't want to be the wife dragging her husband to the ballet show. Most recently, Harry Potter is the metaphoric ballet show. Usually, my roommates and I have our tickets to the midnight showing booked a month in advance. This will be the first time I'm not going to the midnight showing, and I'm feeling sad/sentimental about it.

Growing pains I suppose. But girls, know that I really truly miss you and the fun we had.

(Kellie, sorry about the blinking picture. But it is kinda your trademark in our pictures)


  1. Oh em you know if I was there I would see Harry pot smo....ok I won't say it....with you. Em know that I feakin freaking miss you too! I feel like a VIP being included in one of your posts. I want to print this post out and hang it on my wall!!! I love and miss you with alllllll my heart!!!!!! So many things remind me of you. Whenever I miss you I just think of our awesome duets we used to sing and it brings a smile to my face. LOVE...get it jk!

  2. eh you're right!!! that is my trademark!!! em i just want you to know that scott and i dont really agree on most forms of entertainment i.e. music and a few movies...and art...he really has no appreciation for different kinds of art or dance....ANYWAYS.... you and i must stick together and attend these events!!!! we cant miss out on them!!!! can we pleeeeeeeeeaaasssseee go on lesbian dates???? pretty pretty please!!!!! i miss you. wahhhh!!!