Friday, October 15, 2010


How I love walking. I walked to work this morning and the weather was perfection. I haven't been walking much because it's still so terribly hot here, and honestly, mostly because my husband spoils me by giving me rides everywhere.

I find in my normal routine, I get focused and think only about what I'm "supposed to" think about. School projects, laundry, dinner, that sort of thing. It's like a mind rut.

When I go on a walk, my mind is loosed and I can begin to wonder and marvel again. Life is slowed down and I become more observant. I really begin to see what's around me and notice those small things that I would have never seen driving past at forty miles an hour. I love that the same path can reveal new treasures each time.

My walk is through mostly neighborhoods, and so my favorite thing to do is wonder about the people who live in the homes. What they do for a living, who gets to swing in that porch swing, do they relax in those chairs in the evening, drinking iced tea and watching the sunset... my mind loves to wander when I give it permission to.

My other favorite thing is the houses. I really do love old neighborhoods in the valley, because each home is different (and stucco is far more rare). The homes have character and each seems to have its own story. The wear and cracks on the houses are like a grandpa's wrinkles, full of wisdom. And oh, how beautifully big the trees are. I can pretend like I'm not in the Tempe desert anymore (I do love the desert and I think it has a unique beauty, but it's a refreshing change to see lush green trees). There's a certain place in my heart for beautiful trees... I really hope to someday live where I am surrounded by trees and can enjoy that part of God's creation. For now, I will cherish the few trees I do see.

I've even made a friend on my walks. He is a little old crosswalk man. He calls me beautiful and tells me about his new girlfriend. Sure, he makes me blush, but I always have a smile on my face after I've talked with him.

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