Friday, October 8, 2010

Missing: Mind

A text I sent to Jason:

Had a weird experience on the toilet at work... went into this weird spacey state of mind. I felt disconnected from my body and the small tiles on the floor all blurred together, feeling far away but at the same coming towards me at lightning speed. I think I need more sleep

Yes people, the glamorous life indeed. Jason said it sounds like a drug movie scene.

I knew coming into this semester I wouldn't be sleeping. That doesn't make it much easier.

What does though is tea.

(Not my teapot but I wish. Image found here)

Tea has been a gift from heaven for me. I used to chug lots of Dr. Pepper for those late nights. So bad on multiple levels - gives me a sugar high and consequently a sugar crash, makes my teeth feel gross, so syrupy that I would feel sick after more than one can, oh and that whole thing about soda acidity being nearly as low as battery acid.

Cue tea. Love, love, love. I can add some honey, but feel better because it's a natural sweetner, I get the benefits of caffeine without the sugar crash, and it's more theraputic holding a warm mug and sipping. It almost works too well - usually when I go to bed, it's because I'm done working, not because I'm nodding off; which is miraculous when those times are in the wee hours of the morning.

Someday I hope to have an amazing tea collection. Emily Lunt, a tea connaisseur, if you will. But in this dream, I'm drinking for enjoyment's sake, and nothing more.


  1. I'm sure glad I brought your tea to you then. I was just sitting at my house.

  2. hhahahaahah oh Jaaasooon. That is a good idea with the tea thing. I remember when the good old Doc would come visit during finals week. You even would share the Doc with me sometimes for those long library nights. Oh how I love you. That is the cutest tea pot ever. I need to go buy one...