Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I don't miss really any of the wedding environment; too much stress if you ask me. But my dress... I long for it. I still get sad to think that I only got to wear it for mere hours. Something that pretty shouldn't be hanging in a bag in my closet forever, right?

Is it weird that I want to send this picture to my seamstress? She did such an amazing job and I feel like I can't thank her enough.


  1. boo...the wedding environment sucks. haha...well you and jess can have a party and wear your wedding dresses and then lyndard and i will wear out bridesmaid dresses one from each wedding just for fun and we can eat food!!!! haha.

  2. Your dress is gorgeous. The buttons are my favorite.

  3. YA I cried when you put it on right before your wedding!!!!!! SO PRETTTTTTTYYYYYYY