Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Feel It All

The semester is off with a bang! Forgive me for all the graphic design jargon ahead. I just want to document where I am, here and now, highs and lows.

The highlights:
Everything has happened so fast! I'm still trying to process how many assignments I've been given in the last four days.

I have projects that are already keeping me up at night, but in a good way. As in, I'm so excited about what I'm doing I can't stop working on it.

I'm SOOOOO very overwhelmed. I forgot how to multi-task.

I have three different projects creating information graphics. Really, three? Information graphics as in: "analyze the survey and translate qualitative and quantitative raw data into understandable date and design a visual display of the investigation." Have mercy.

What my printer and I have is true love. Seeing the black, velvety ink on paper is yummy.

When my professors start talking about typography, I get excited. Nerd!

Basically, a lecture class equals me nodding off the majority of the class time. Definitely confirms that I'm supposed to be taking studio classes, not lecture classes. Oh yeah, and my notes are AWESOME when I'm half asleep.

We will have our first TEST in a studio class this semester. What, a test??? And we have required reading! So bizarre.

I'm finally getting a grasp at using the pen tool in Adobe. I liken this to walking a dog. Before, the pen tool was walking me. I'm finally beginning to walk the pen tool.

I have my own desk. It's beautiful and so very big.

I highly dislike researching.

I still haven't finished my wedding thank you cards. And now that school has started, I fear I never will.

ASU is so incredibly interesting!! It's like the sweetest drug for a people-watcher-person like myself. I could be happy to sit all day and just watch my fellow student body. Delightful.

Having Jason here at ASU is wonderful! Sure, I've only seen him once on campus, and that was a day he didn't even have classes, but it's so nice just to have that option. We can finally spend every night together, aka spend every night doing homework together.

I fear for the state of cleanliness of my apartment. We were so good at keeping it clean in the summer... and now... oh dear.

I'm trying harder to be organized this semester. As in, using my iCalendar and putting in all my assignments and due dates. The state of my backpack is another story. Remember that kid in grade school who would just stuff all his papers in his backpack - no folders, rhyme, or reason? Yeah, that's me. (Disclaimer: most of my assignments are either digital or are too large for my backpack, thus I lost the skill of backpack maintenance)

Facebook is generally a waste of my time, and I'm trying to cut back. And yet, the pull is strong.

Andy Weed still talks to me in my thoughts sometimes. It's creepy. I hear him when I'm setting up a layout, when I adjusting the text, when I'm choosing colors. "Type in a cage is not typography." "Horizontal and vertical relationships." I also hear him when I drink green tea. "I drank green tea last night. I almost blew up." Half of my classmates did not have him for typography last year. It shows... oh does it show. On a side note, he was probably one of the worst/best teachers I've ever had. He trampled on my confidence, and yet, he really gave me a good foundation and an integrity for design. So complicated, I know.

I'm still trying to adjust to group projects. We all have our own ideas and preferences... fun times. Our first group project was to give our group an "identity." Which for now translates to a logo. I had so much fun thinking of names and creating the logos, even though my group wasn't as enthusiastic about my work as I was. Ha... here's 3 of my faves down below.

Our group name began as echo, but has been changed to re:creation. And again, I hear Andy Weed. "Leave creation to the church." I hope he can at least be proud of our sign's letter spacing.

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