Thursday, July 15, 2010

House husband

For the time being, I have a house husband. Jason's job hasn't begun yet so he holds down the fort while I win the bread and bring home the bacon.

My house husband:

  • Cleans the bathroom

  • Makes a mean pot of slow cooker beans so we can eat burros and quesadillas all week

  • Does the dishes and manages the dishwasher

  • Has suggestions for how to decorate our apartment and recounts them to me when I get home from work

  • Slipped a love note in the sandwich he packed for my lunch

  • Goes grocery shopping with me (and even kinda likes it)

  • Meets the neighbors

  • Chauffeurs me back and forth from work

  • Organizes my various messes

  • Surprised me with a footrub after a long day at work

  • Wants to go to a swap meet with me this weekend

It really is nice to have a house husband, but we are looking forward to Jason beginning his new job. He was planning to start on July 26 at McClintock High School bookstore, but just yesterday secured a job (on the spot at the interview) at Tempe St. Lukes Hospital, which is just half a mile from our house. God has such good plans for us, and we are learning to be patient in him.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad he got a job at St. Lukes!! He'll probably make more there than at a bookstore. Yea for beans!!