Sunday, July 11, 2010


My husband is an enraptured world cupper, so here I am updating my blog.

Our honeymoon was wonderful - the perfect getaway after the stress of a wedding. We were both so grateful for the time together.

We started our honeymoon with a lot of funny looks from other cars on the freeway... oh yeah, probably cause of the writing all over our car (the bagels on our antenna and the streamers didn't last as long).

We stayed in Anaheim but drove to Long Beach on Monday to check out the aquarium there. We stopped for lunch at Jim's #3. The #3 was the deciding factor.

We took our food to the park and shared the scenic view with a group of homeless men. I felt right at home.
My highlights at the Aquarium of the Pacific, like all over aquariums, were the jellyfish (amazing creatures that they are), and also seeing a British family: "Oh bloody, my pictures are all blurry!" Jason's was seeing the shark feeding.

We walked along the harbor at Long Beach. We tried to take a picture with the lighthouse, but tragically cut off the top. whoops

We also saw these cool guys. Totally picture worthy... Asian mobsters possibly?

What honeymoon isn't complete without some kissing pictures? (my apologies Kellie if you're reading)

We had some fun at the Long Beach boardwalk

We found an awesome hat store. The workers were probably pretty annoyed with us, but we enjoyed ourselves.

The next day we went to Newport harbor. Jason spotted an octopus below this bridge. It was AWESOME.

We rented a kayak and worked on our upper body strength (aka were reminded how out of shape we are).

My favorite part was just floating... it was a peaceful day on the water.
There was a sailboating class... the students were all about 10 years old. Hardcore.

There was some really cool boats... this one was from Transylvania.

The next day we came back to Newport.

We rented a tandem bike and rode around the beach for an hour and a half. We got to see the amazing beach houses (LOVE) and even passed a lemonade stand. We wanted to stop by the stand on our way back but apparently the kids had closed up shop. Lesson learned.

This was a mural outside the bike shop. People, when I say my hair is a disaster in humidity, I'm dead serious. I don't know what better proof than this picture.

On our last day in the Golden State, we stopped at Crystal Cove to go hiking. One more reminder than I am hopelessly out of shape. Those steep hills were brutal. It was an overcast day but we still had some awesome views of the beach and surrounding areas.

We had paused on the trail to figure out where our turn would be, and apparently looked like tourists, because a nice gentlemen stopped to help us out. His accent was awesome, he used V sounds in place of Ws, but we didn't get the chance to ask where he was from. He suggested we go a little further to avoid a steep downhill drop, plus we would get a better chance of the ocean on the other side. We took his advice but it added some time to our hike so I was HURTING.

Cute, eh?

At the top, I found this charming barbwire fence.

We found some wildlife along the way.

And of course, I had to take some nature pictures. The colors in the hills were beautiful, my camera really couldn't do it justice. (I'm thankful for my patient husband who let me take these)

We were pretty excited when we finished the hike. Mostly that we were still alive.

And so ends the pictures of our honeymoon, as we had to return back to normal life. Thankfully, normal life is pretty great so we can't complain.


  1. these are so cute! looks like you had a lot of fun. Also I bet that guy was german, they change up the v and w.

  2. emily i looked at the kissy picture and thought...eee...ohhhh she knew i would be reading this!!!! YAY!!!! haha oh em i miss you and i'm glad you had a super duper awesome honeymoon time thingy!!!

  3. what good lookn' HONEYMOONERS! I'm so glad you shared some pictures of your time in Cali. I love the one with you on the tandem.