Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The succulent saga continues

Once upon a time I bought a succulent. Then I bought some more.

And then... they started dying.

Shh, don't tell Jason. This one (technically not a succulent) is his. See all the brown leaves and the overall droopy nature?

You may not notice in this one, but these poor stems can't even stand up straight. They're bending terribly and when I try to adjust the pot, it falls over because all the stems lean to one side. The color has also gotten funky, and ever more saddening, the waxy leaves are falling off. See further below for more evidence.

It's heartbreaking to watch. One by one, the little leaves shrivel up and then plummet to the soil below.

Before there were leaves down the entire stem. Now half the stem is bare.

What's a succulent mother to do?


  1. don't leave them in this awful summer heat

  2. Yeah... I feel like they're made to be in hot weather though, they're puffy because they're full of water so it makes sense that they should be okay in the desert. I can't even keep them inside now because my mom says they need sun. I only have two windows in my new apartment and there's no place to put them by either window. SIGH I'm pretty sure they're all goners