Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday school

I helped out in the kindergarten Sunday school for almost a year, and prior to that I was in the 3 year-old class for the summer last year. Two Sundays ago I was moved to the 4 year-old class.

I love 4 year-olds.

They are simply the best. I feel like they are the perfect balance between my last two classes. The 4s are still sweet, innocent, and cuddly like the 3s, but listen better, and they have less sass and attitude than the 5s. The 4s think I'm a LOT cooler than the 5s ever did.

Yes, when you are 4 years old, it is hard to sit down when someone tells you to. It is hard to be quiet and not scream and jump around when you get excited. It is hard not to make a mess with the graham crackers at snack time. It is hard to let someone else have a turn to talk because you really really really want to talk about your new puppy. But most importantly, it is hard to not be so darn cute!

Can I say it again? I love 4 year-olds. They truly warm my heart, and each time I think about them, I can't help smiling. They've already moved into my heart, cleared a space, and parked. Since I don't have anyone else to cuddle with right now, I love how cuddly they are with me! They give hugs, hold my hand, and if they're sitting next to me, they'll lean into me.

One little boy named Ace came in wearing a WWE wrestling belt that took up the majority of his torso. It even had a W in the middle that spun around. His dad apologized, but I thought it was funny. During the lesson, Ace was sitting on the ground in the front, when all of sudden, he stood and came to me in the back and plopped down on my lap, no questions asked. So adorable!

Another thing I love is how exciting the world is through their eyes. They love to share and always have a new story to tell. One boy was looking for a helicopter in the toys. I found one and asked if that would work, and all the boys instantly said, "That's not a helicopter! That's an airplane!" Yes, thank you children for humbling Miss Emily. Another little boy saw the airplane and instantly began telling me a story that went something like this, "Ohh my mom just went on an airplane. Yes, she went on an airplane and two BIG boats and I missed her so much! When she went on the airplane we dropped her off at the airport in the red car and I was so sad. My dad was driving the red car. She went on the airplane and I missed her. I was so sad. The airplane was so big and the boats were big too and she was gone for a long time..." and on and on. They will tell me their whole life story if I let them.

When I was leaving yesterday, I knelt down to say goodbye to a little girl Morgan who had just showed me 50 different ways bunnies hop. She reached out and grasped the necklace I was wearing. "I wike your neckwace." And my heart melted right then and there.

Thank you God, for bringing these children into my life. I pray that I can bless them by teaching them about your love through my words and actions, and that they will grow in their knowledge of you. I pray that they will all come to know you and fall passionately in love with you. Teach them to love your word and to understand your gospel. Equip their parents with the strength to raise them to be followers of you, and continue to bring people into their life that can build them up in Christ. Humble myself and the other Sunday school teachers that we may serve the children better. Help us to be patient and loving. Thank you so much for revealing yourself though the innocence of children, and may I learn from them as much as they learn from me. Amen.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Twas a year ago today that Jason asked me to marry him, and it's also officially two weeks until we tie the knot.

I've enjoyed this season in our lives immensely. I can't say it was the best of circumstances, but we've tried to make the best of it. And we're stronger because of it. I truly am marrying my best friend - life doesn't get much better than that.

Speaking of not the best of circumstances, this...

is all I've gotten to see of Jason for the last two weeks (and two days, but who's counting?). I won't see him for another four days (but again, who's counting?). If you're any good at math, all together that's three weeks (minus one day...okay maybe I'm counting). I'm fairly sure this is the longest we've ever gone without seeing each other. Not. fun.

Okay, back to the good news ---- 14 DAYS!!! Yipee do dah day!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I feel silly sleeping on a queen bed all by myself, so I let my teddy bear share the bed with me.

Jason got me this bear for Valentine's Day in 2009. It was as a joke because I always make fun of stupid Valentine's traditions. Regardless, it gives me great joy each time I think about Jason standing in line at Walmart, trying to retain his manliness while holding this huge bear.

It comes complete with a big stuffed heart that says I love you. Presh.

Every night, my teddy bear begins the night lying on my left side. Every morning I wake up and he's on my right side. On the floor. Ooops..... Good thing my teddy bear can't speak or I imagine he would have some stern words of warning for Jason.

I really do love him, I promise. Look how cute we are together.

Don't tell my teddy bear (I don't want to hurt his feelings) but I'm ready for my real bunkmate.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ranting but no raving

Some words and phrases that bug. Just for the sake of complaining.

Mannies and peddies
Like, totally, omigosh! (Hair flip)

I just can't jump on this bandwagon. If you're old enough to carry a child, you're old enough to say the whole word

Baby hungry
Really people? Gross. There's got to be a better way to say that.

And than
Just off by one little letter but it's like fingernails on the chalkboard.

Fail/Epic fail
I want to like it but it's too trendy for my taste. Can I fail the word fail? Or would that make me a hypocrite?

And...rant officially: over.

The succulent saga continues

Once upon a time I bought a succulent. Then I bought some more.

And then... they started dying.

Shh, don't tell Jason. This one (technically not a succulent) is his. See all the brown leaves and the overall droopy nature?

You may not notice in this one, but these poor stems can't even stand up straight. They're bending terribly and when I try to adjust the pot, it falls over because all the stems lean to one side. The color has also gotten funky, and ever more saddening, the waxy leaves are falling off. See further below for more evidence.

It's heartbreaking to watch. One by one, the little leaves shrivel up and then plummet to the soil below.

Before there were leaves down the entire stem. Now half the stem is bare.

What's a succulent mother to do?