Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shifting Gears

I am done with school. I wish I could bottle this high I get after finals - people, it is amazing. I feel like I had a weekend getaway at a spa where all my troubles left my body; sweet, sweet relief.

I had a finals marathon on Monday with both of my studio finals. We were there from 8-4. Yuck. But it's over. It was a little bittersweet to say goodbye to all my classmates - I see these people 2-3 hours every day so I will miss them this summer. But I was dancing around inside at the thought of no more Andy Weed! Hallelujah. I will miss his quirkiness and the endless entertainment he provided, but dealing with him is just one big headache. I'm onto bigger and better things next year, namely, my own desk! Yes, a desk with drawers and a built-in cutting mat on top. All to myself, all year. Joy.

I had one more final on Tuesday, but it was online and didn't require much studying at all. So I was swimming laps in all the free time I had yesterday. I knew I would have to start wedding stuff soon, but I wanted to take a break and relax. Free time is blissful. Blissful, I tell you. I cleaned and organized and packed and went shopping (and not just shopping, browsing. I walked the aisles with no specific agenda. Great stuff) and slept a full night of deep, deep sleep. I could get used to this.

Last night, I officially shifted gears. As soon as my head hit the pillows, a parade of wedding thoughts began. "Well, I will need to call the florist, but I need to call my mom first to make sure we're on the same page. Oh, and we really need to order the cake. And make a card box. Where was that box I liked, Michaels? Hmmm, do I still have that cute wrapping paper to wrap it with? And where did that black ribbon go? Speaking of ribbon, I wonder if my mom has started making the pew bows yet. I hope those look okay. We need to find an aisle runner. Is white okay? And candy for the ice cream! We definitely need to order that soon. I hope I saved that site with all the cute yellow candy." I think you get the general idea. It just keeps going and going and going.

Not only do I think of wedding things, now I'm thinking about our new apartment and what furniture we need and how I want to decorate it. I am so very excited to finally have a place of my own. Elated, really. Living with roommates is fun and there really never is a dull moment, but it will be so very nice to have a place where everything is just mine and my husband's. We get to make the rules and it truly will be home. It will be our silverware and our pictures up on the wall and our mishmash of furniture and our bathroom towels. There are definitely some scary changes ahead; mainly, one - learning to live with my new husband and adjusting to being in not only the same town but the same house after living over a hundred miles apart, as he adjusts to moving and living in a whole new city; and two - having enough money to well, live. Thankfully, God is much bigger than any fears we have.

So much to look forward this summer! Excitement is around every corner!!


  1. Oooh Emily! I love all your worries. Well I don't love that they make you worried but it is fun stuff to worry about. Marriage is such a life change! It's fun to see your own decorating style come out. Cause it's your home! Anyway you like it!! Fun fun!!

  2. missing your thoughtfulness, laughing and humor! Hope you will have a great time planning, shopping and living in the moment. aims