Monday, May 31, 2010


Confession: I am sentimental. I think sentimental and pack rat go hand-in-hand. I have a hard time getting rid of things because they hold memories, experiences, and emotions. How will I remember it if I don't have something of substance to remind me?
Since I just moved, I am trying to get rid of some things to make room in this little apartment so Jason can fit when he moves in. One item that holds sentimental value to me - t-shirts. Case in point:

This is my official member t-shirt for the Magic Attic club (shout of to my girl Molli who was a member as well - oh yeah). The Magic Attic club was a similar (but cheaper) version of American girls - different dolls with books detailing their adventures. To their credit, the stories were very captivating to my young mind. There was this attic with a bunch of different historical outfits and costumes, and when the girls would put on an outfit, they would be transported to that era. Fun, right? I must have gotten this shirt when I was in 4th or 5th grade. Soo, um, yes, I still have it.

I wore it when I first got it, then put it in storage I suppose. Then in early high school, it was cool to wear random shirts from the thrift store, so I pulled this gem back out.

I have used it since then as an occasional pajama shirt, but mostly it has been in an under-the-bed box out of sight and out of mind. Why do I STILL have it then? Because when I see it, it reminds me of my childhood and how much fun I had playing with dolls and simply imagining.

But, with deep sadness, I am finally saying goodbye to my shirt. And it's stretched out collar.

And yes, the stains.

If Jason ever sees this post, he will make fun of me, I'm pretty sure.

Is it bad that I could only get rid of this shirt when I decided to blog about it, thus cementing the memories in cyber world forever?

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  1. iiiiiiiiiiiiii LOVE IT!!!! I still have my official key to the "magic attic" on a gold chain. Maybe someday you can wear your shirt and I'll wear my key necklace... someday. It's things like these that make our friendship so awesome... I love you.
    P.S. Thanks for this post and the shout out. :)