Monday, May 31, 2010


God answers prayers, there is no doubt about it.

Jason was just awarded the ASU Parent's Association scholarship with a wonderful $4,000!! He sent letters of recommendation, wrote an essay, and did a phone interview for this scholarship (it's advertised on the main myASU page so many, many people apply).

I'm so ridiculously proud of him! We were both grinning like fools when he called to tell me. We are so grateful God blessed us with this money, every little bit helps when we're both trying to go to school.


Confession: I am sentimental. I think sentimental and pack rat go hand-in-hand. I have a hard time getting rid of things because they hold memories, experiences, and emotions. How will I remember it if I don't have something of substance to remind me?
Since I just moved, I am trying to get rid of some things to make room in this little apartment so Jason can fit when he moves in. One item that holds sentimental value to me - t-shirts. Case in point:

This is my official member t-shirt for the Magic Attic club (shout of to my girl Molli who was a member as well - oh yeah). The Magic Attic club was a similar (but cheaper) version of American girls - different dolls with books detailing their adventures. To their credit, the stories were very captivating to my young mind. There was this attic with a bunch of different historical outfits and costumes, and when the girls would put on an outfit, they would be transported to that era. Fun, right? I must have gotten this shirt when I was in 4th or 5th grade. Soo, um, yes, I still have it.

I wore it when I first got it, then put it in storage I suppose. Then in early high school, it was cool to wear random shirts from the thrift store, so I pulled this gem back out.

I have used it since then as an occasional pajama shirt, but mostly it has been in an under-the-bed box out of sight and out of mind. Why do I STILL have it then? Because when I see it, it reminds me of my childhood and how much fun I had playing with dolls and simply imagining.

But, with deep sadness, I am finally saying goodbye to my shirt. And it's stretched out collar.

And yes, the stains.

If Jason ever sees this post, he will make fun of me, I'm pretty sure.

Is it bad that I could only get rid of this shirt when I decided to blog about it, thus cementing the memories in cyber world forever?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shoe love

While browsing a wedding blog, I found this website:

They have a HUGE selection of cute cute cute shoes and most are under $15. How was the website not in my life sooner?

As long as you look past shoes like this:

You can find some gems like these:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Out with the old

I'm moving.
This means I have to say goodbye to my old house and all that it offered.

So....goodbye light switch plates. I'll be honest, at first you offended me. Your garish metallics and frilly floral patterns were campy and outdated. But you know, you grew on me. You were unique, and you had pizazz. And now, I will miss you.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Deja Vu

Jason is funny sometimes....

Jason: "Wow, 2.99 for a trash can! That's a good price."

Six months later...
Jason: "That trash can is 2.99! Wow... that's cheap!"
Me: "...Yep.... that's what you thought the last time you saw it."

In California by the tide pools
Me: "The tide is high but I'm holding on"
Jason: "Did you make those lyrics up?"
Me: "Nope, that's the song."
Jason, laughing: "I always thought it was, it's Friday night but I'm holding on."

Two months later on a Friday night....
Jason: "It's Friday night but I'm holding on!"
Me: "....You realize those aren't the right lyrics, right?"
Jason: "They're not??"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shifting Gears

I am done with school. I wish I could bottle this high I get after finals - people, it is amazing. I feel like I had a weekend getaway at a spa where all my troubles left my body; sweet, sweet relief.

I had a finals marathon on Monday with both of my studio finals. We were there from 8-4. Yuck. But it's over. It was a little bittersweet to say goodbye to all my classmates - I see these people 2-3 hours every day so I will miss them this summer. But I was dancing around inside at the thought of no more Andy Weed! Hallelujah. I will miss his quirkiness and the endless entertainment he provided, but dealing with him is just one big headache. I'm onto bigger and better things next year, namely, my own desk! Yes, a desk with drawers and a built-in cutting mat on top. All to myself, all year. Joy.

I had one more final on Tuesday, but it was online and didn't require much studying at all. So I was swimming laps in all the free time I had yesterday. I knew I would have to start wedding stuff soon, but I wanted to take a break and relax. Free time is blissful. Blissful, I tell you. I cleaned and organized and packed and went shopping (and not just shopping, browsing. I walked the aisles with no specific agenda. Great stuff) and slept a full night of deep, deep sleep. I could get used to this.

Last night, I officially shifted gears. As soon as my head hit the pillows, a parade of wedding thoughts began. "Well, I will need to call the florist, but I need to call my mom first to make sure we're on the same page. Oh, and we really need to order the cake. And make a card box. Where was that box I liked, Michaels? Hmmm, do I still have that cute wrapping paper to wrap it with? And where did that black ribbon go? Speaking of ribbon, I wonder if my mom has started making the pew bows yet. I hope those look okay. We need to find an aisle runner. Is white okay? And candy for the ice cream! We definitely need to order that soon. I hope I saved that site with all the cute yellow candy." I think you get the general idea. It just keeps going and going and going.

Not only do I think of wedding things, now I'm thinking about our new apartment and what furniture we need and how I want to decorate it. I am so very excited to finally have a place of my own. Elated, really. Living with roommates is fun and there really never is a dull moment, but it will be so very nice to have a place where everything is just mine and my husband's. We get to make the rules and it truly will be home. It will be our silverware and our pictures up on the wall and our mishmash of furniture and our bathroom towels. There are definitely some scary changes ahead; mainly, one - learning to live with my new husband and adjusting to being in not only the same town but the same house after living over a hundred miles apart, as he adjusts to moving and living in a whole new city; and two - having enough money to well, live. Thankfully, God is much bigger than any fears we have.

So much to look forward this summer! Excitement is around every corner!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bridal Shower

Two lovely ladies in the Gila Valley are planning a bridal shower for me. It is on May 23 at 3pm. I just had invites sent to those who live in town, but I know some friends have ties there and spend time in Thatcher, so if you want to go, let me know and I can give you more info!

There will be another one in the Phoenix area, tentatively the first Friday of June.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The color of jealously

Sometimes I want to be a natural redhead. A lot.

It's so unique, so lovely, so eye-catching. Sigh.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Money well spent

I just bought a sequin dress. It is completely sequins, from top to bottom. For seven dollars. Can you think of any better way to spend seven dollars?

I think not.

I finally feel like a real woman. Now I need Kali here, an avid supporter of sequins, so I can actually wear this baby!