Monday, March 29, 2010

Something new

I decided to get a tumblr. Yes, another blog. I'm thinking I will use this blog more as something to document the images that inspire me (but who knows, we'll see where I go with it). I recently attended a lecture by Ed Fella, a famous graphic designer, who encouraged everyone to save those images and make a folder with all of them so when you're lacking inspiration, you don't have to read someone else's "inspiration book," instead you can go straight to those images you hand-picked. I will probably have a physical folder as well, but tumblr will be my online one. My blogger blog will remain more personal.

I like this fresh start. Also, thank you tumblr for being design savvy. The layouts are so clean and thoughtfully laid out, and the site is more intuitive than blogger. Yeah!

In case you're interested,

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