Thursday, March 25, 2010


The other day I bought a shiny new portfolio to put all my projects in from my first two semesters at ASU. I spent time with all my old projects, looking at each as the memories flooded in. Projects that I shed tears over (most likely on numerous occasions), projects that stretched me, projects that made me hate my life, projects that opened my eyes, projects that taught me to see and think in new ways. The feelings of being a new student at ASU with all the new faces, classrooms, and experiences.
My first year was such an emotional roller coaster. Scary and exciting and intimidating and challenging. I still remember the first days in studio, sharing wide-eyed looks with my classmates about the work we were given. Sitting in a sterile gray room, drawing 20 cm squares. I was shown so much kindness by my classmates, who were practically strangers at the time. I didn't have a cutting mat at first, so the girl next to me shared hers. I didn't have the right ruler, the girl across from me shared hers. Interestingly enough, these two girls who sat at my table first semester are both in the program still and some of my closer friends. In our class of 20, only 5 are left.
One thing that stuck out while reminiscing was how hard I worked that first year. How much time I spent on those projects... the threat of not getting into the program was always looming over me and it really pushed me to keep working harder. It was good for me to see my old projects, to remind me of where I came from. To give me a boost because my productivity has gone down now that I'm in the program... I've gotten too comfortable. I don't want to look back at this year and think, "well I could have worked harder, but I did alright." I know I can do better than this. It's so hard to stay motivated sometimes, but I've got to keep pushing. Keep growing.
Father, I need your strength.

Here's a sample of what we're working on this semester.

1: Gesture drawings. These were fun at first, but when my teacher told us she wanted to see around 100 by the end of the semester, the fun went down the drain pretty fast. The pages we use are huge - 2'x3'. It's amazing the work my classmates can produce. I only dream that mine would look that good. I suck at cross hatching, which is the only way we're allowed to draw.

2: Transparency. The blue object was first created by folding a paper up to look like that. Then we moved to the computer to change the colors. We started in shades of gray, this is two-color, and next is three-color. My teacher keeps giving me mixed messages so it's frustrating. At least I get to use my new wonderful-fabulous-fantastic printer.

3: Object translations. Last semester, we picked an object and drew it in a mathematical way (torture). This semester, we got to import that into Illustrator. We used that drawing as a guide for painting the shadows and highlights of our object. Which means, plaka paint for 2 hours, 3 days a week. ACK. Fortunately, I'm done painting and now get to redraw all those black shapes in Illustrator. Hello pen tool, we will be good friends soon.

4. Paragraph project. We each wrote a paragraph last year on a subject we've learned about in studio. I wrote about showing motion in typography. This semester we get to explore our subject through our paragraph. Too bad my teacher likes none of my ideas, so I'm stuck trying to figure out what he wants. Andy Weed, I wish I could read your mind. You would like my experiments a lot more.

5. Book covers. We typeset a (real) Typography book using different sizes of type. We had to get nine approved and then choose one to work with for the next steps. These are my final book cover, with lines added for emphasis and to activate the text. Weed actually likes my work for this project, thus I enjoy this more than the paragraph project.

Next up, 3D typography. Oh yeah!

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