Saturday, January 16, 2010

(Un)official resolutions

I've had some resolutions rolling around in my mind but I haven't written them down yet. If I blog about them, does that make them official?
  1. Read this
  2. Don't be a bridezilla
  3. Pray, and be more intentional about when I pray and what I pray about
  4. Start a service project with my living room (Bible study) group
  5. Cut my hair to shoulder length (or even shorter?)
  6. Be appreciative of Jason and take time to have fun with him
  7. Get As in all my classes (scary to put this one because I don't know what my future classes will bring)
  8. Be more accountable about how I spend my money
  9. Try a new recipe once a week (may not always happen but it's what I'm going for)
  10. Find a mentor
And an adorable picture I found from Once Wed

Only a few shorts days until school starts. AH!

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