Saturday, January 16, 2010


Back in November, my roommate Kellie took some engagement pictures of us. It was drizzly and windy outside, but Kellie was a champ. Good thing she had us professionals to work with. We're hoping to do another shoot soon with a wardrobe change but here's the highlights. These are all un-edited photos. (And I'm kicking myself for forgetting to take the hair band off my wrist. Ack!)

What engagement shoot is complete without a piggy back picture?

We are so scene

This picture is one of my favs

Ha! I had to include this one. This is me being bossy, pursing my lips at him. Don't remember why
Kellie told me I wasn't looking attractive enough in the pictures so I had to amp it up for this one.

This is Jason's favorite

Doin' what we do best


  1. so precious! I love your outfit.

  2. lOVE LOVE LOVE them all!! You two are the cutest ever!!! I can't wait for June!!