Monday, January 18, 2010

Holiday pictures

I finally loaded a ton of pictures from my camera onto my computer. And since it's the last day before school starts which means I'm quite bored, here's a compilation of what I've been doing in the last month or so.

My church college group had a gingerbread competition in December and my group pulled out the big guns, mostly thanks to the creative genius of Whitney who is an art student/teacher with experience in baking. She suggested making a pagoda (my eyes were so big when she showed us a picture) and we spent the next two days working on it. The girls spent one night rolling, cutting, and baking gingerbread late into the night. Here's all the pieces.

The next night we got together and put the pagoda together. This is Sara adding garland to an ice cream cone tree.
Even Jason got to help out! It's always a treat when he can join us. This is him with Gareth adding pretzels to the roof.
The brilliant Whitney adding some finishing touches.
Ta da! Yes it is tipping, mostly due to the fact we were measuring and cutting the pieces after 10 pm. Ha! But isn't it marvelous? There is a lake made from melted jolly ranchers and flour is sprinkled like snow over the winter wonderland.
And we won the competition! Wohoo!
Jason and I headed to Pine Valley for a weeklong break over Christmas. It snowed!
I parted Jason's hair down the middle with wonderful results.
I wish I remembered this plant's name, but isn't it lovely with snow on it?
My family's cat, Tinkerbell, at the door begging to come in.
My mom, Jason, and I went ice skating. It was way too warm for the big jacket I wore but we had fun. No one fell!

Jimmy opened his Christmas present early and we got to enjoy many hours of rock band. Jimmy knew he was getting this so he grew out his hair for the occasion. ;) Also, the majority of our Christmas pictures feature us in our pajamas. I packed a whole suitcase full of clothes and ended up not even wearing them. I guess that's what vacations are for.
The hat club opening their presents.

The Martin family gingerbread house of '09. It had an awesome organic look, with all real food except for the gum drop snow man.
Playing board games. For families that don't play card/board games, I don't know how they spend their time when they get together.
The gingerbread workers in front of the tree. Too bad we covered it up except for the angel on my mom's head.
Last weekend I visited Jason in Thatcher. While I took a nap, he went and played until frisbee with a group from church. He sustained multiple injuries from the bushes, including this. Ouch.
Jason, Stephanie, Hayden, and I went bowling. This next picture shows how talented Steph is - bowling with a baby on her hip. Talk about super mom.
Jason throwing it down the middle.
Hayden loved the balls and the fact that he could say "ball."

For Christmas, my uncle sent me this box. It makes me laugh when I see it. My other uncle had gone to Ireland a year or so ago, so my Uncle Brian recycled the box, crossing out Ireland and putting Vietnam. Hehe
These nifty magnets were inside
My new favorite thing to cook: zucchini. It's so easy to cut up, sprinkle with spices, and cook in a pan. Yum!
This is the adorable tea kettle my grandma got me for Christmas. I love it!
This is my new recipe for the week. Basil Chicken over Angel Hair. It was yummy and would be worth making again.

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