Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Wonderland

On my last trip to Thatcher, Jason and I went up on Mt. Graham with his coworker Crissy and her boyfriend Marcus. It was a good time, mostly thanks to the awesomely warm jacket Stephanie loaned me which kept me from getting cold and grumpy.

We stopped at twilight to go sledding and happened upon this, half a mile from the main road. It gave us a good laugh.

Poor car.

The boys being silly.

The boys built a ramp. Here is Marcus's run.

And Jason's run.

And now Marcus's run, starting from as high up as he could go. He wasn't planning on the ramp being in his path, but he showed it who's boss. Or not. But it was pretty funny.

Yay for snow, and yay for hot chocolate to warm me up after the snow!

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