Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just a few things in the city that make me smile

  • The way everyone says thank you to the Orbit bus driver when they get off the bus

  • Seeing sleeping students in the Design buildings

  • Hearing the light rail chirp from my apartment

  • The peacefulness of the city in the early morning

  • Hearing ten different languages every day

  • Seeing someone I know at Target

  • The way my bus rides always seem like a scene out of a movie, one of those scenes where the music swells and you see the main character staring out the window as the lights outside blur past

  • Seeing someone pull off an ultra fashionable piece that I never could

  • No matter how weird I am, I can always find someone weirder


  1. they thank the driver for not getting them into a wreck!! which would be another scene in another movie!

  2. Oh emily, you make me laugh. I never thought of living in the city that way and I can only imagine. I hope school is going good! miss you