Monday, November 2, 2009


This man

this man

and this man

came to ASU last Wednesday for the event called "Is Faith Delusional?" It was fantastic. How amazing to see how God has blessed these men with SO much intelligence about faith. How amazing to hear the gospel of Christ preached to a full crowd at Wells Fargo arena. How amazing to learn more about my faith and the mighty God who loves me.

Two days before, a VisComm grad student shot himself in his professor's office at ASU. I was one of the first people to come upon the scene (the office is right around the corner from my locker) and I saw the professor running from his office before I realized what happened. I don't think I will forget the look on his face for a very long time. He is in my prayers, for I can't imagine the heartache he's been faced with. I am so very grateful nothing worse happened. The design school is very close knit and I can't imagine if the gunman had turned on someone else. Being so close to the scene made me even more grateful that nothing happened - God definately protected me that day!

I found out on Wednesday that the very professor that had witnessed the suicide had selected me for a scholarship! It's very humbling that he doesn't even know me but he saw my work and it was enough for him to pick me. I truly am grateful for the chance to be in the graphic design program. To have found the major that is perfect for me. It's so challenging and really pushes me farther than I think possible, but I've grown leaps and bounds. I'm so glad God has brought me to this place and I know he has a plan for me.

Now that I've written so much, I think I need to spice this blog up with a picture, eh? Enjoy.

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  1. Hi Emily!! This is Katy Marble. I always love reading your blog its very uplifting and I know that God did protect you and others that day. My 3 yr old nephew is sitting next to me and saw your Mario/Luigi pict. and he is convinced that you are the real Mario, haha. thought I'd tell you that he is pretty excited. n-e-ways have a great day and congrats on the scholarship. oh & my blog is private so if you'd like to look at it just send me your email address