Friday, September 11, 2009

A Great Choice

Jason and I were in Walmart last weekend when we noticed that the generic Walmart brand Great Value was rebranded. Can I get a halleluja? Look at this mess:

I seriously HATED buying Great Value products. Sometimes I would fork over more money just to get around buying something so ugly. Everything about the packaging was so wrong. Horrible typography, bad pictures, tacky layouts, and the logo is down right offensive. Just because the products are cheap doesn't mean they should grab that one kid who makes everyone's coffee in the office and set him in front of the computer to design some packaging. Look at the images below:
Gross. Who wants to buy that?
Well someone, somewhere had enough COMMON SENSE to finally change a thing or two. Behold:

Wow! I'm not gagging! I'm not embarrassed to put those in my cart! THANK YOU WALMART.
Sure, I was saddened to see one of my favorite typefaces Myriad used with an outline for the logo. The logo itself if kinda boring, but I love how everything is white and consistent. Now their products stand out amoungst the shelves and now you can associate that color with any Great Value product.
Bravo, Walmart, bravo.


  1. good, but still not as good as marshmallow mateys...

  2. I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty please about the changed too. During the switch over they had both types out and I always went for the NEW, SLEEK white look.

  3. hahahahaha! Now you know whay it is Gucci and not whitestag...because walmart can't design. Gucci can!!!!!!!!!!!!