Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to school

Replace "brain" with "bank account" and "heroin" with "graphic design school."

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cali <3

Oh California, how you never disappoint....

Jason and I made our way to the Golden State the first week of August and spent an awesome week with my family in Pine Valley. Here's some pics from our adventure.

Yellow watermelon! Who knew? (other than my wise mother of course)

My dad's favorite part of Birch Aquarium in San Diego

Yes, that's me up on the screen - my first debut as a newscaster. (Stand up straight girl!)
Thankfully, we made it out alive
Playing around with my camera, pretending I have an slr

My dad grillin us some fine food
Yummy potatoes!
Jason learning from the master
Outside of the body world exhibit
Looking at mammoth tusks
A gorgeous theater by the San Diego Historical Museum
My mom dipping her hand in the tide pools at Birch Aquarium
I touched this two feet long beast. The aquarium lady described the feel as "chocolate pudding."
Trying out boogie boarding
My favorite picture of them all!

My dad put Jason to work. One of his various jobs: staining.
Shooting the pellet gun
My dad trying to get the kite into the air
Jason's $3 Ralph Lauren shorts. Yes, they are pink. (Thanks TJ Maxx for the fun)
How did I get so lucky to find a guy like this?
Yohoo! A show at Sea World
Shamu, Shamu!

"Are you vet yet?" as a nice Sweden man asked us after the ride, Journey to Atlantis.
My mom flying a kite on top of Mt. Laguna

An almost perfect picture. Alas, the kite was not cooperating.

Thanks dear family for all the fun! Let's do it again, okay?