Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy birthday!!!

I'm a day late but yesterday was Lyndee Louise's birfday! This girl has been with me through thick and thin and I just love her to death. She has the brightest personality and never fails to make me smile. I've lived with her in Thatcher (RIP 401) and now in Tempe (Rancho girls!), so we've had many many adventures. I have my photo albums on my computer by month, and as I was looking through them for pictures of her, I realized I have pictures with her in almost every month. Props girl! You'll get more than a taste of them below... :)

Sexy Rancho girls


Admiring our roommate Zac

Pudding lipsFamily picture Black licorice! Trick-or-treating in April (I think?) All my girls, stand in a circle and clap your hands, this is for you! Howard Hoes!
Some of my favorite Lyndee quotes:
"It's my 21st birthday today!..... so I'm going to order a virgin, non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri."
"I put lipstick on!"
"They always get engaged under the placebo!"
"I'm white!"
Her multitude of inappropriate words such as weiner, lesbian, fuuudge, and scoop!
Seriously, there's so many more I'm forgetting...



  1. Happy Birthday Lyn lyn!!!!! Buttkiss I love all the pics. Loveyou :)

  2. hahaha! Oh EM I love you forever! We have had good good times! I love all the pics, quotes, and tribute. yeah! I have tears in my eyes! LOVE!