Friday, July 31, 2009


Some amazing quotes from a devotional called Streams in the Desert compiled in the 20s by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman, a missionary in Japan and China:

If you go to Him to be guided, He will guide you; but He will not comfort your distrust or half-trust of Him by showing you the chart of all His purposes concerning you. He will show you only into a way where, if you go cheerfully and trustfully forward, He will show you on still farther. - Horace Bushnell

"When you are doubtful as to your course, submit your judgement absolutely to the Spirit of God, and ask Him to shut against you every door but the right one... Meanwhile keep on as you are, and consider the absense of indication to be the indication of God's will that you are on His track... As you go down the long corridor, you will find that He has preceded you, and locked many doors which you would fain have entered; but be sure that beyond these there is one which He has left unlocked. Open it and enter, and you will find yourself face to face with a bend of the river of opportunity, broader and deeper than anything you had dared to imagine in your sunniest dreams. Launch forth upon it; it conducts to the open sea.

God guides us, often by circumstances. At one moment the way may seem utterly blocked; and then shortly afterward some trivial incident occurs, which might not seem much to others, but which to the keen eye of faith speaks volumes. Sometimes these things are repeated in various ways, in answer to prayer. They are not haphazard results of chance, but the opening up of circumstances in the direction in which we would walk. And they begin to multiply as we advance toward our goal, just as the lights do as we near a populous town, when darting through the land by night express. - F.B. Meyer

And a song I love

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lyndee Love

Lyndee took me on a date the Diamond Backs game on Tuesday night. It was really fun and I'm so glad she took me! If anyone knows Lyndee, they know you're always going to have a good time with her. Lyndee in public is a marvelous thing to see and I recommend everyone experiences it. She is shameless in talking to people and always makes new friends.

Some highlights:

A guy about our age sitting two rows in front of us was standing up trying to get the crowd to cheer and then looks at us: "Hey did you guys ride the light rail?"
Me: blank stare
Lyndee: "Yeah!"
Guy: "I thought so. I remember seeing you guys."
Me: mildly confused stare because I don't remember him and am unsure why he's talking to us regardless
Lyndee: "Yeah that was us!"
Guy: thinks and then says "You guys riding it back home?"
Lyndee: "Yep!"
Me: mildly amused stare
Guy: "Alright then! See you on the way back!"
Lyndee: "Ok ok! Yeah!"
Guy sits down.
Me: "Wow."
Lady behind us: "I know why you girls ride the lightrail!"

Lyndee: "YEAH! WHAT!"
Ten year old boy in front of us: "OK!"

Lyndee's coworker: "So and so D-Back player has been really hot this season"
Lyndee: "Yeah, he's hot!"
Lyndee's coworker: "By hot, I mean playing hot"

Lyndee browsing through the free D-Backs magazine: "Who's that player? He's hot!"

Lyndee: big smile when an attractive guy in the crowd is shown up on the megatron
Lyndee's coworker: "I saw that smile!"

Lyndee: "The scantron, I mean the megatron..."

The crowd around us was crazy and there was a big group of Phillies fan. One middle-aged lady (by middle-aged I mean time is taking its toll on her body) took the time to put eyeliner on but unfortunately didn't take that same time to put a bra on. Who does that?

Thanks Lyndee for the good time! I love you and how interesting you make life!

Monday, July 27, 2009


My least favorite number. It's an odd number and I prefer even numbers (not sure why, just one of those things where even numbers feel better). It always looks like an S when I write it and fifth is such an awkward word to say - I'd rather not sound like I have a lisp, thank you. But the most irksome trait of a 5 is how confused it is - round on bottom and square on top. Can't it make up it's mind? It's so uneven and gives me the heebie jeebies when I think about it. Yuck.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Awesome wedding entrance

I love this video! Too funny

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello my friend!

One day I got home from work and a new friend was waiting for me. (Yes, that is my bed, and no, it is not made) So excited!
Apple was offering a rebate so along with my new macbook, I got an ipod touch for free (and also a printer)!
Opening the sleek
Its first moments in the new world
And now OPEN!
Lyndee can't believe her eyes
The instructionsAnd now turned on. Mmm... feels good.
They even gave me a cloth to clean it. High rollin!
And now my case. Long story short, the first one I bought made a horrible snapping noise when I opened the screen. I exchanged it for a new one, which did the same thing. Jason discovered screen was popping against one edge of the plastic case...
So he ghetto-ized it and shaved a little bit of the plastic off.
Ta da! It works!
This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, I just know it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Here's a photo journal of July so far. We'll start off with the 4th of July monkey boy:
I went to Thatcher for the 4th of July. I stayed at Kali and Suzie's apartment and boy do those girls know how to celebrate!
At the parade
Yankee doodle dandies!
Barbecuing at the park!
At the fairgrounds before the fireworks. Tonka told us we were 4th of July princesses with our cute lil crowns that Kali C got us.
They forced us to take a detour after the fireworks were over. It was ridiculous and we were stuck on this dirt road FOREVER. Ah well, we had good company and good tunes.
On Sunday of the 4th of July weekend, we headed up to Twilight campground for a church service and potluck on the mountain.

It was a cloudy, rainy day (no editing on this pic but it looks black and white, weird but cool)
Justin catching a frisbeeJason in nice form
Cutie Amy
All in all, it was an awesome weekend!
Up next, Kellie and I went to a COPELAND concert. It was completely incredibly amazing!!! Unfortunately, it was in the Clubhouse...with no AC. In Tempe, Arizona. In July. Seriously ridiculous. So I was melting and insanely uncomfortable and by the end I just wanted to die, but thankfully Aaron Marsh's angelic voice kept me alive.
I made appointments with wedding venues and Jason surprised me by coming last minute to look with me. He's the best! I'm so glad he came - it was so much better with him!
And finally, the Harry Potter premier! A group of us met at Cinemark around 9:30 and it was wonderfully uncrowded. I didn't get pictures of our whole group but we had a blast! Lyndee, Sarah, Kellie, Julie and I made shirts with a peace symbol, a heart, and a lightning bolt. Kellie wins most awesome entrance, hands down. She submitted an assignment at midnight and then drove over to the theater. She walked in right as the previews started. Niiice. Below Sarah and I are spelling out our love for HP.

I guess I was the only one who was excited.
And what Harry Potter Premier isn't complete without a napping Dumbledore fan
I LOVE summer!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get your smokey on

Smokey Bear has come a long way in my short life, from this: to this:

(Yes that is a Smokey mask and you can go to to get your own personal one)

Apparently the new slogan is "Get your smokey on." It hurts me a little inside to type that. I grew up with Smokey Bear as my parents have both worked for the Forest Service, my dad probably 30 years now. Yes, I did think he was Smokey the Bear until my mom corrected me about a month ago, but still, Smokey was a big part of my childhood with or without a "the." I probably knew who Smokey was before I knew who Winnie the Poo was. I saw Smokey at every parade and fair, I had his posters plastered on every wall of my room, I possessed every Smokey freebie trinket available (including jar openers which were incredibly handy) and I even went up in a Smokey air balloon. Yeah, we were that close.

So when I see a poster with Smokey encouraging me to "get my Smokey on," I don't know quite how to feel. I mean, Smokey is iconic. Do they really need to make a new, "hip" slogan? Isn't Smokey cool enough already? And really, what does it mean to "get your Smokey on" anyway? Smokey's job is an honorable one and I think this new slogan is cheesy and cheapens his image. Do they really have to compromise this to attract the younger generations, which could seriously backfire on the ad team? When you try too hard to be cool, people are smart enough to catch on. You have to let Smokey be cool without screaming that he is.

Friends, don't judge Smokey for his sloppy marketing team. This too shall pass and Smokey will continue to protect our national forests, whether he's getting his Smokey on or not.

A stamp from 1948. It doesn't get any better than this.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A new low

I was browsing Wet Seal's website and found this:
Wow. Ew. No.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm expecting...

A NEW MAC!!!!!

Pretty, eh? My 15" MacBook Pro is being shipped now and should arrive somewhere between today and July 9. On top of that, I got an ipod touch and a print - both free with a rebate! Woot! Happy day!!

Kayla and Kupono

I love So You Think You Can Dance and last night Kayla and Kupono had an amazing dance! I could watch it over and over again. Neither are my favorite dancer but I just looooved their dance!

My favorite part of this episode was this guy:

Not the choreographer in front, but the guy behind him. Seriously, he is wearing a fur hat! How awesome can you get?! We cracked up everytime they showed him, and since they kept showing the choreographer, he definately got his fifteen minutes of fame.

A shot where you can see the dog collar

Love it!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy birthday!!!

I'm a day late but yesterday was Lyndee Louise's birfday! This girl has been with me through thick and thin and I just love her to death. She has the brightest personality and never fails to make me smile. I've lived with her in Thatcher (RIP 401) and now in Tempe (Rancho girls!), so we've had many many adventures. I have my photo albums on my computer by month, and as I was looking through them for pictures of her, I realized I have pictures with her in almost every month. Props girl! You'll get more than a taste of them below... :)

Sexy Rancho girls


Admiring our roommate Zac

Pudding lipsFamily picture Black licorice! Trick-or-treating in April (I think?) All my girls, stand in a circle and clap your hands, this is for you! Howard Hoes!
Some of my favorite Lyndee quotes:
"It's my 21st birthday today!..... so I'm going to order a virgin, non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri."
"I put lipstick on!"
"They always get engaged under the placebo!"
"I'm white!"
Her multitude of inappropriate words such as weiner, lesbian, fuuudge, and scoop!
Seriously, there's so many more I'm forgetting...