Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This is the bus I ride to work and school every day. I used to walk to campus occasionally, but unfortunately if I did this now, I would be dripping in sweat by the time I got to work. And yes, this is before eight in the morning. I'm pretty sure the moment the sun rises above the ground, the temperature hits 100 here.
Anyway, as I frequent this bus five days a week, every week, I have grown mildly attached to the Orbit bus. This is normal for someone, right? To feel a connection to something that is a part of their daily ritual? Unfortunately, I am realizing that, as life usually goes, the feelings are not mutual. However much I may try to convince myself that the Orbit bus nurtures any small tidbit of fondness towards me, the truth always rears its shiny blue metal head and I am forced to conclude that I, Emily Martin, am delusional.
I don't know about everyone else, but many times my thoughts are let free to wander as they may, and when I rein them in again, I am surprised at what my mind will come up with. Seriously. One morning recently I woke up and decided I would walk to work so as to enjoy the freshness of the morning and give my legs a nice stretch. As I passed by my usual bus stop and continued on down the sidewalk to ASU, my thoughts began concocting this scenario where my dear ol' bus driver would see a girl walking and recognize me as an Orbit regular. He would slow the bus down beside me and kindly ask me if I needed a ride today. I would smile up at him and tell him, "Why thank you sir, but actually...." My thoughts were at that moment interrupted by the sound of an accelerating engine as a familiar blue shape came into my peripheral vision. The Orbit bus whizzed right on by me and I watched it fade into the distance. A brief wave of diasppointment washed over me until I quickly realized, wow, I am delusional.
Yes, I wish I was fabricating this story. But no, this is all true. It's rather embarrassing that I have such a Pollyanna effect in my mind sometimes. I like to think of myself as rather rational and down-to-earth, but no, I am just delusional. For further evidence of this, read on:
Last night I got my hair cut. Usually my haircuts are more like trims and nobody notices that my hair ever changed in length. But this haircut is a little more drastic. I got three or so inches cut off so my curls reach my shoulder blade now instead of my bra strap (too graphic?). If anyone knows me, this is shorter than I usually go. So, as I was walking to the bus stop thing morning, picture me looking up as a harp plays and clouds frame my thoughts... I began imagining my entrance onto the bus and once I've sat down, the ladies who also habit the bus (and I never talk to - the bus code is similiar to elevator rules, no talking unless you want to make people feel uncomfortable) begin to compliment my new haircut. I, with a look of surprise and bashfulness, thank them graciosly for noticing. We all smile and share a moment.
Fast forward two minutes, as I was now about twenty feet from the bus stop... and the bus was driving past that very spot. Oh no, I was late! I raised my hand in hopes that someone would see me and alert the bus driver to stop. The bus kept going and my heart sunk. Just when I was about to turn around and go back to my apartment, after a guy on bike sneered at me and remarked that I was too late (thanks, I think I noticed), the bus miraculously pulled over and opened its door, waving me over. Unfortunately, I was 100 feet back. I sighed and began running (I didn't want to keep them waiting for fear they would leave me, again). So, instead of these ladies seeing my hair laying peacefully against my face, they got to see it bouncing up and down and all around as I hurried to the bus. Nice. Oh, and if you're wondering, I didn't get any compliments. Let's say it all together now, Emily is delusional.

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  1. ahahahahahah...I do weird things like that too. I get attached to many daily rituals...and silverware.